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  1. DSP-based Atari/Amiga mouse support code

    Do you want me to build one adapter, and give it to you at the RGC? I am definitely interested
  2. DSP-based Atari/Amiga mouse support code

    Thanks Matthias. That's what I thought. So I need to invest in two plugs and a few wires Cheers
  3. DSP-based Atari/Amiga mouse support code

    Interesting. If you agree, I'll try to incorporate this to my Paula emulator. (not sure that I have some free DSP ram for that though) So, how do you plug a mouse to the Jaguar?
  4. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Oh, oh, happy birthday GT!
  5. Another World (Out of This World)

    WTF ?!? What do you get for 10€? A poster with a list of games?
  6. Please remove it !!

    You mean one of my marvellous and numerous papers
  7. Software reset?

    Hi guys, I don't know whether this topic has already been addressed on the forum. Is there a clean way to make a software reset on the Jaguar? I would like to implement the * + # combination like this...
  8. Please remove it !!

    Thanks to all of you
  9. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    Ok, in this case, just reverse the order in which you call the interrupts (ie update OP list before mod routine). This will solve the problem.
  10. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    It should be paula.o, if I am right. How do you update the OP list? Can you reproduce a minimal bug report? If yes, I would be happy to look at it.
  11. Another World (Out of This World)

    I don't really know what the status of Jagware is, but we (The Removers) certainly support and help to promote the Jaguar platform. In that sense, we are part of Jagware. Individually, I am grateful to Jagware members who helped me in the discovery and understanding of the Jaguar platform. And I am happy to visit Jagware forums as there are lots of useful and relevant information. Gunstar, I understand your criticisms regarding the price of Another World release. Thanks to the RGC, the price is only 60€. This is not cheap, but this is not unreasonable. If I had to publish the game on my own (ie creating my own company especially for that purpose), the price would have been not less than 80€ because of taxes.
  12. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    I am particularly proud of the new engine I made last year and I recommend upgrade to the new version, if you are still using the previous one. I don't know however how it compares to U-235 sound engine.
  13. A new jaguar fan is born !

  14. Software reset?

    Thanks SCPCD. This is instructive, even if I won't use this finally, at least for AW.
  15. Software reset?

    Ok then Finally did it another way
  16. Hum........

    Happy birthday Orion!!!
  17. Another³ Birthday !!!

    happy birthday man!
  18. Bug in srand (Removers standard "C" library)

    Well spotted! Thanks.
  19. Dear all, I have set up a survey in order to evaluate the demand for Another World cartridges. Please fill the form if you are interested. We hope that the price of the full packaged game, including cartridge, manual and box will be no more than 60€ but as the price depends on the demand, you will be asked to answer several scenarii. Cheers Seb
  20. Another World (aka Out of this World) survey

    I fixed a bug in the survey (or is it a bug of chrome?). I hope now everything works as expected. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  21. Developing in "C" in windows xp

    Does vbcc handle rodata and data sections? And what about smac and sln? If yes, that's great because the code would be clearer then. == Do you need me to change the way I distribute the source files?
  22. Developing in "C" in windows xp

    Great! Thanks for doing this! == I read quickly your first post. Are you sure it is needed to copy DATA section into RAM at startup? Maybe it is a problem of Read-Only Data vs Data ? Clearly, it is assumed that Data are Read-Only. So if it's not the case, Data has to be copied in Ram. In the Jaguar specific case, I think it is the programmer responsability to know which data should go in RAM and which could stay on the Cartridge. For instance, for my Another World port, every single piece of Data is on the cartridge but it is loaded on demand in Ram when needed. Otherwise, the game won't simply run, because of a lack of memory.
  23. The Removers'library Is Back

    I have finally released a first version of the library I am working on since several months. It includes some new functionnalities and lots of improvements compared to the first library I released in last june. The interfacing of your code (either C or ASM) with it should be easier now. You can download it there: http://removers.free.fr/softs/download.php?lang=en It is released under the LGPL. In particular, you can link freely your own code with the library but if you improve my library then you should redistribute the source code under at least the LGPL terms. In addition, you can find also tiny C library for use with the cross gcc compiler available on the download page indicated above. I have also written a little article in french about my working environment here: http://removers.atari.org/spip/ I intend to write some other articles and distribute some examples to show how to use all this. Enjoy! Seb
  24. The Removers'library Is Back

    For those of you who want to try but are afraid to install linux, I have set up a VirtualBox machine with the Removers development kit installed on it. Download link is at http://removers.atari.org/softs/download.php under the name JagStation.
  25. Skunk Console features

    As promised, I have just released a very simple example on how to communicate with the Skunkboard with rmvjcp. (I needed to fix a bug in rmvlib & jlibc)