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  1. actually, it is not a bug but I admit the actual behaviour is a bit frustating to choose the rotating center, you can edit the white values (key 3 and 6) however, if I have time tonight, I will take your remarks in consideration Seb
  2. smile, I have worked on an improved version tonight. get it at http://removers.atari.org/blit2d2.bin additionnal keys are B+Left or B+Right to change the rotation angle A and C to zoom in / out (very sensitive) * + # to reset values I think that's all Seb
  3. No, there are still things to learn with the Blitter. I would like to see an example of Gouraud Shading and/or Zbuffering for example. And do not forget also the collision detection using the blitter. I might extend a bit the little demo 2d transformations with the blitter to enter values for rotations easily... Maybe tonight
  4. Yes, I should have mentionned that And the displayed values should be read as 16.16 signed values.
  5. Haute Résolution Sur Jaguar (et Mode Entrelacé)

    Merci Zerosquare pour ce début de doc. J'ai une question, probablement bête, à quelle valeur de X commence l'affichage? X = 0 ou X = HDB ou X = ??? Sinon, dommage, j'aurais bien aimé que tu nous dises comment calculer effectivement les valeurs, mais bon... je continue d'espérer. Seb
  6. Making Rotations With The Blitter!

    See the french thread, I have added an exercise
  7. Ok, as I can't sleep, I have written the solution (I mean the code of the solution). You can look the result with http://removers.atari.org/blit2d.bin The transformation matrix is written on screen. The blue values are "a" and "b" The red values are "c" and "d" The white values are "e" and "f" You can of course edit the values with the program. To select the value you want, press 1 to 6 on the joypad. Then you can increment or decrement the value by 1<<SCALE with up and down on the joypad. The default SCALE is 0 (so the default increment is 1) but you can change the scale with 7, 8, 9 and 0. The corresponding scales are 0, 4, 8 and 12. Enjoy Seb PS: the exercise is still up!
  8. En fait, je pense qu'Azrael est dispensé de l'exercice [english] Actually, I think that Azrael can ignore the question (I think that he knows)
  9. Ok, maintenant que tout le monde a compris exercice: comment programmer le blitter pour la transformation du plan suivante X = a X' + b Y' + e Y = c X' + d Y' + f ?? [english] now, as an exercise, how would you program the blitter for the following transformation (equations just above )
  10. beau travail Azrael en tout cas [english] congratulations
  11. Jaguar Image Converter

    no, sorry, there won't be a gui version. I think it is easier to use as a command line tool, particularly if you mechanize the calls in a Makefile. By the way, the image formats usable are (should be) PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PPM and maybe GIF (not that TGA format is not supported in particular) Seb
  12. Jaguar Image Converter

    Yes, I agree but those who own a PC running XP have a big harddisk By the way, just to add that if you have any question about how to use my converter, please ask Seb
  13. Les Droits D'adaptation

    c'est vrai, c'est une bonne question et je n'en ai aucune idée pour les jeux auxquels je pense , il y a des clones libres qui existent mais ça ne répond pas à la question "a-t-on éventuellement le droit de commercialiser?"... Seb
  14. Jaguar Image Converter

    Yes, that's the price to pay when statically linking all the libraries you need... Seb PS: by the way, what about the documentation of the video registers ?
  15. Pour ceux qui n'auraient pas compris, une deuxième chance existe avec la traduction anglaise Rendez-vous ici: http://www.jagware.org/index.php?showtopic=258&hl= (j'ai changé un peu l'explication) [english] I have not forgotten english speaking people Go find a translation there: http://www.jagware.org/index.php?showtopic=258&hl= Seb
  16. Welcome to the non-froggies people !!

    Welcome Walter! Seb
  17. modification de la jag pour kit bjl

    félicitations Orion re-bienvenue au club Seb PS: on peut le chopper où le bios Jagware ?
  18. Birthday Again ? This Time It's To Templeton

    bon anniversaire à vous deux Seb
  19. And Yet Another !

    yes Happy Birthday Symmetry! Seb
  20. le GPU

    I have to do some tests again because it is quite strange. The code in question is part of my sprite manager which will be soon be released (open source , BSD license) When I say PC relative code, I am thinking of code like the following one: start: move PC,r0 ... movei #label-start,r1 ... add r0,r1 // label relocated ... jump t,(r1) nop ... label: nop that is exactly what I do in my tunnel and fire screen (if I have understood what you are saying, of course )
  21. Haute Résolution Sur Jaguar (et Mode Entrelacé)

    on n'a jamais douté de toi 0^2 Seb
  22. le GPU

    oui, moi non plus, je ne comprends pas vraiment j'ai switché pour du code absolu et ça a marché... (mon code PC relatif marchait avant que je le mette en interruption) [english] yes, me neither I changed for absolute code and it worked so I concluded that something was wrong with PC relative code and interrupts (my PC relative code worked before I put it in interrupt)
  23. le GPU

    ce week-end, j'ai un peu joué au GPU (les interruptions en particulier), et j'ai eu l'impression que le code PC relatif en interruption, ça lui plaisait pas trop... est-ce que vous avez déjà fait cette expérience? [english] this week-end, I played a bit with the GPU (and interrupts) and I had the impression that it did not like PC relative code in interrupt... does someone else has also made this experiment? Seb
  24. Read Modify Write

    no these are not scaled bitmaps it is simple (not scaled) sprites simply with the RMW flag set and only positive values for Y oh, now I see why you asked about scaled bitmaps no, it is just different images this little demo is the example program I will give with my sprite manager when it will be ready (I have just one little technical thing to complete at least) Actually, I coded my own image converter (see the link few posts above) but I guess this is what the -glass flag of tga2cry gives (not sure however) For the moves, it uses the pseudo random number generator I have posted in an other thread... Seb
  25. Une Petite Démo

    Pour ceux qui n'étaient pas à l'AC (ou ceux qui voudraient revoir ça), voici la petite démo que j'avais faite pour l'occasion... http://removers.free.fr/softs/archives/intro.zip [english] For those who were not at the AC 2006, here is a little screen I coded for the event. http://removers.free.fr/softs/archives/intro.zip Seb