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  1. E Bay And Jagware

    Nice to hear that he has appreciated the game though.
  2. And Yet Another !

    Happy birthday!
  3. Birthday Again ? This Time It's To Templeton

    Bon anniversaire les frangins !
  4. So It's Time To Go To Heaven !!

    Writing a C compiler from scratch is a huge amount of work. The parser itself is far from trivial to write. But we can probably make a compiler for a subset of C.
  5. The Removers'library Is Back

    thanks for your support hey unfortunately, we have not much time to spare on the Jaguar by now but I hope we will release other things in the future.
  6. Freeeeeeeee

    ouais, je viens d'essayer bon, chez moi pas de son donc bon, a priori tant mieux pour moi sinon, c'est pas hyper jouable tel quel mais ça peut donner un petit jeu sympa après encore un peu de travail (il manque aussi des tirs un peu à la manière de star wars par exemple) mais sinon, on attend avec impatience ton jeu à toi
  7. Encore Un Anniversaire...

    Joyeux Anniversaire SCPCD
  8. Très Important

    Bon Anniversaire GT
  9. Happy Birthday !

    Bon anniversaire Stabylo
  10. Bresenham My Friend

    ok, I understand better then I guess it is a problem of subpixel accuracy (google is your friend) I think you should consider all the coordinates to be 16.16 values
  11. Bresenham My Friend

    I don't really understand your question For polygon filling, I am not sure Bresenham is the right algorithm to use. (and by the way, I am really surprised by your question since you have already coded a polygon filler but anyway...) Let say you want to fill the triangle A(xa,ya) B(xb,yb) C(xc,yc) and let say that A is the upper point and that AB is the left side, AC is the right side You keep for one line two variables xleft and xright and you start filling at line ya until you reach yb or yc you enter a loop xleft = xleft + xincleft xright = xright + xincright and you fill from xleft to xright then to finish the drawing you recompute xincleft and xincright and then continue to fill until the other point for the first part of the triangle, you have xincleft = (xb-xa)/(yb-ya) and xincright = (xc-xa)/(yc-ya) hope this helps (at least, that's the spirit) Seb
  12. Seb I Haven't Forgotten You !!

    Merci à tous
  13. Seb I Haven't Forgotten You !!

    Thanks friends Me neither I have not forgotten the news about my birthday last year Hope I will have enough time this year to make some other cool stuff on the Jag
  14. The Removers'library Is Back

    In case you are not aware, I have just released a new update (minor changes to the sound driver) and have written an example of use. (beware that emulators might be too slow to correctly play the music)
  15. The Removers'library Is Back

    A quick word to say I have just released an update of my library. The main change is the removal of Sinister routine and addition of my own sound manager and replay routine. It should work with any Protracker modules 4/6/8 voices (or else, drop me a mail @ Jagware.org!) Cheers!
  16. Cd Encryption Tool On Cd!

    Yes, very nice work! Actually, I used your BJL version succesfully with my Alpine but I have to look at Curt site because I guess it is easier to use wdb to get back the key. Cheers
  17. Happy New Year !!

    Happy new year to everybody here
  18. Always Anniv !

    bon anniv' MK (en retard)
  19. Happy Xmas

    Merry XMas !
  20. The Removers'library Is Back

    And here comes an example of use... http://removers.atari.org/softs/download.php
  21. Anniversaire !

  22. Shoot Manager ?

    Yes, I agree! The script should be digested before.
  23. New Version Of Jas Avaliable

    maybe not ok, let me discover a bit myself: I use ALN to link assembler files with C files (cross gcc generated, only 68k) so, if your linker is able to do this, perfect !
  24. New Version Of Jas Avaliable

    it would be really nice if your assembler could produce object files in the old BSD format (a.out) so that they can be linked with ALN
  25. Using Your Jaguar Without A Game

    ah, super! va falloir resortir le bleu de chauffe