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  1. Removers Lib And Visual Studio Express?

    Exactly. I also think that C is sufficient for many games. The trick is that the goary stuff is made in assembler (GPU/DSP/68k) and is part of the lib. Thus this is still sufficiently efficient. Note also that assembler's addicts may also use my lib. It is not a "C only" thing. Cheers & Merry Christmas
  2. Happy Birthday Ovalbugmann !

    Same thing here Happy birthday man
  3. Removers Lib And Visual Studio Express?

    Hi Lars! That's very cool news if you consider using my own library Concerning your questions about Visual Studio, I cannot really answer to these since I develop mainly with my linux distro. With linux, you can simply download my shell script that builds a gcc cross compiler to generate 68k code. ie download and run: http://removers.free.fr/softs/archives/mk_xgcc.sh then you can get a source distrib of my libs, ie download http://removers.free.fr/softs/archives/jlibc-0.5.1.tar.gz http://removers.free.fr/softs/archives/rmvlib-1.1.2.tar.gz and build them (in this order) I assume the path you will use are the same as mine (I know there is an issue in the Doxyfiles that states explicitly an absolut path on my system ) To build, simply run ./build.sh (that are in the archives) Then, you can start using my library. I have already coded some small examples to illustrate how to use it. The sources are downloadable at my website: http://removers.free.fr/softs/download.php About a documentation of the library, I have started to document the code and use doxygen to generate an HTML doc. This is browsable at the following urls: http://removers.atari.org/doc/jlibc/ http://removers.atari.org/doc/rmvlib/ I know this documentation is not perfect (far from that), but I hope it can already help programmers to become familiar with the library. I am currently writing a more technical document to explain the internals of the library (and in particular the sprite manager that is going to evolve quite a bit soon [i hope Christmas vacation will be sufficient to implement all my ideas]) Anyway, I would be pleased to answer all your questions and hear your suggestions. Maybe it is a good idea to open a new part in this forum (or elsewhere) so that users can discuss about the library. Cheers Seb
  4. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday (again)!
  5. A propos des sprites zoomes

    Pour compléter mon message précédent, avec Stabylo, on a un peu bossé sur le sujet, et après réflexion, il s'avère qu'un bon choix de valeur initiale pour le REMAINDER est VSCALE - 1 (c'est à dire la plus grande valeur strictement inférieure à VSCALE, le 1 étant compris comme 2^(-5)) L'idée en effet est que la valeur initiale du REMAINDER détermine combien de fois la première ligne va être copiée (c'est la partie entière du REMAINDER précisément) Si on prend plus grand que VSCALE, la première ligne sera affiché trop de fois, si on prend trop inférieur à VSCALE, idem, la première ligne ne sera pas affichée assez de fois.
  6. Aln File Format

    I believe the answer is yes. I believe that ALN object file format is nothing more than BSD a.out file format. A good starting point to get documentation is certainly Wikipedia. Cheers
  7. Cross Gcc?

    Hi, just thought it was a good idea to advertise a bit the shell script I wrote several months ago that automates the building of a gcc cross compiler for m68k-aout. I just tested it yesterday while upgrading my linux distro and it worked very well
  8. Jaguar Image Converter

    and here comes 0.1.7 version! hope this time is the good one
  9. Jaguar Image Converter

    not really a bug but a new fix is coming soon...
  10. Jaguar Image Converter

    and a new binary distrib also
  11. Jaguar Image Converter

    hop là finally I found the bug thanks! the new source distrib is on my website
  12. L'optimisation Du Code 68000

    ouais, pareil, je me pose des questions...
  13. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    bon anniversaire 0^2
  14. So It's Time To Go To Heaven !!

    thanks what is the php script in question?
  15. So It's Time To Go To Heaven !!

    the link of the video does not work anymore is it still available anywhere?
  16. Falcon & Alpine

    Sorry, I use a PC linux with my Alpine so I can't help you.
  17. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

    Joyeux anniversaire Orion_ !
  18. Cross Gcc?

    Hi! I agree, a vmware image would be nice... unfortunately, I have not vmware so I can't make it. Maybe a "live" linux distrib could do it also. For the moment, I believe you can copy the binary distrib of gcc (the one on my website) on windows XP, it should work (at least, I have tested it once). Cheers
  19. Blitter Timing

    interesting! and what about the pixel mode? in phrase mode, is it the same result if using 8 bpp, 16 bpp or 32 bpp?
  20. Op Timing

    very interesting SCPCD!
  21. Cross Gcc?

    Hi Ray, probably you missed my announcement about my libraries and the way I develop for the Jaguar. This resembles to what you suggest here. I use a cross gcc (old version 3.3.6) to compile 68k code and I interface this with assembly code that I assemble with MadMAC Then I link all together with ALN Please check this: http://removers.free.fr/spip/article.php?id_article=92 (in French) and the tools/libs/sources there: http://removers.free.fr/softs/download.php Cheers
  22. Little Announcement

    Hello there, good to see you back for a while Ray I don't think it is the work of one person to code from scratch a C compiler. The parser itself is really a non trivial task for C language. To convince yourself of that, just have a look at CIL ( http://hal.cs.berkeley.edu/cil/, look at "Who says C is simple" ). A doable thing would be to hack either gcc ( http://gcc.gnu.org ) or lcc ( http://www.cs.princeton.edu/software/lcc/ ) to add a backend for the Jaguar processors. In essence, it is what Brainstorm probably did. I suspect also that it should be easy to add the support for a new processor to gas (the GNU assembler) but I have not found any documentation yet. Concerning the C type system, this should be not too difficult since C is not a strongly typed language (basically, with casts you can do everything) and there is no type inference. Finally, just note that I have recently added on my website (in download section) a shell script that automates the build of a cross gcc compiler under linux (and probably cygwin) with target m68k-aout. I have tested it on an ubuntu and a mandriva distrib so this should work reasonably.
  23. Jagcf And Jjr Demo Video

    Yes, very nice job!
  24. The Removers'library Is Back

    Good news then if you think we can use my library to port SDL... The big question is "who will do it?" and "when?" I hope I will have some more time in a few months
  25. Birthday (yes, Again :d)

    Bon anniversaire Mariaud !! (un peu en retard, hélas)