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    Quelle idée de faire ça un samedi !!!! Bon anniv 0^2 !!!
  2. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

    Joyeux Nanniv Orion !!! \o/
  3. Another³ Birthday !!!

    Merci à tous Thank you all takker De Symm (is it right ?)
  4. Another³ Birthday !!!

    Merci ! Danke ! Spaciba ! Thanks ! Il ne me reste plus qu'à compter les pertes parmis mes neurones...
  5. Yes Another Another Birthday !!

    Happy Birthday Ray ! I wish you many good things for this year
  6. I agree with SCPCD's answer, SHLQ is the same than a SHALQ.
  7. Welcome to the non-froggies people !!

    Hi Tyr, I hope you find here a place for your "not so" distant game plans
  8. What It May Look/move Like

    Impressing "little" game, looks like Sonic but nicely revisited. Controls are not so easy, certainly because of the kind of game (Flash).
  9. Bienvenue à tous les nouveaux !

    Reste comme tu es ! C'est comme ça qu'on t'aime !! Ce sont les hormones de Zerosquare qui le travaillent en ce moment
  10. Le UART bug ...

    Reverse engineering is not illegal since you don't display it to the world. Giving the brute source-code is illegal, but you can give the principle of how to avoid the bug and produce the corresponding code. Of course it is better to solve it by yourself
  11. Retro Gaminc Connexion Team Give Atomic Cd For Free

    Nice initiative, hope it won't be the last. For those who can't wait for their copy or who came too late, you can get a disk image by the Removers.
  12. One Year For Jagware !!

    Ask Sebrmv for that
  13. One Year For Jagware !!

    Happy Birthday !!! That year has gone so fast !!! May it be more and more !
  14. Thanks SebRmv Anyway, I'll try to do it by myself too... perhaps it'll give me ideas. Ah... I forgot : great job !
  15. Comme je ne suis pas aussi balaise que Seb, et que j'ai autre chose à faire également je vous propose simplement une routine 68000 d'appel de tracé de ligne au blitter. Pour les explication je vous renvois à votre cours de 4ième. Pour les explication concernant l'appel au blitter, demandez à GT, moi je n'ai rempli que les registres Merci à Seb pour le débuggage de la division. N'hésitez pas quand même à poser une question !!! [ENGLISH] As I am not as clever as Seb (known as rotation man on the dancefloors), I am just able to give you a way to order the blitter to draw a line. Remember your secondary school math lessons and ask GT for any related blitter code, I just filled the blitter register... I don't even know how to change color... shame Thanks to Seb for the div debugging. Anyway, feel free to ask any question ; COORDONNEES DU SEGMENT; ; SEGMENT COORDINATES; X1: dc.w 50 Y1: dc.w 100 X2: dc.w 150 Y2: dc.w 150 DeltaX: dc.w 0 DeltaY: dc.w 0 AbsDeltaX: dc.w 0 AbsDeltaY: dc.w 0 SigneDeltaX: dc.w 0 SigneDeltaY: dc.w 0 Prec_w: dc.w $FFFF Prec_l: dc.l $FFFF Prec_l_swapped: dc.l $FFFF0000 Line: movem.l d0-d7/a0-a6,-(a7) move.l #0,A1_FSTEP move.l #0,A1_STEP move.l #0,A1_FPIXEL move.w Y1,d0 swap d0 move.w X1,d0 move.l d0,A1_PIXEL moveq #0,d0 move.w X2,d0 sub.w X1,d0 move.w #1,SigneDeltaX move.w d0,DeltaX bpl.s Positif_deltax neg.w d0 move.w #-1,SigneDeltaX Positif_deltax: move.w d0,AbsDeltaX moveq #0,d0 move.w Y2,d0 sub.w Y1,d0 move.w #1,SigneDeltaY move.w d0,DeltaY bpl.s Positif_deltay neg.w d0 move.w #-1,SigneDeltaY Positif_deltay: move.w d0,AbsDeltaY tst.w DeltaX bne.s DeltaX_Pas_egal_a_zero_01 tst.w DeltaY bne.s DeltaY_Pas_egal_a_zero_01 moveq #1,d0 swap d0 move.w #1,d0 move.l d0,B_COUNT move.l #0,A1_FINC jmp Go_blit DeltaY_Pas_egal_a_zero_01: moveq #1,d0 swap d0 move.w AbsDeltaY,d0 add.w #1,d0 move.l d0,B_COUNT move.l #0,A1_FINC moveq #0,d0 move.w SigneDeltaY,d0 swap d0 move.l d0,A1_INC jmp Go_blit DeltaX_Pas_egal_a_zero_01: tst.w DeltaY bne.s DeltaY_Pas_egal_a_zero_02 moveq #1,d0 swap d0 move.w AbsDeltaX,d0 add.w #1,d0 move.l d0,B_COUNT move.l #0,A1_FINC moveq #0,d0 move.w SigneDeltaX,d0 move.l d0,A1_INC jmp Go_blit DeltaY_Pas_egal_a_zero_02: move.w AbsDeltaY,d0 sub.w AbsDeltaX,d0 bne AbsDeltaY_different_de_AbsDeltaX moveq #1,d0 swap d0 move.w AbsDeltaX,d0 add.w #1,d0 move.l d0,B_COUNT move.l #0,A1_FINC move.w SigneDeltaY,d0 swap d0 move.w SigneDeltaX,d0 move.l d0,A1_INC jmp Go_blit AbsDeltaY_different_de_AbsDeltaX: tst.w d0 bpl AbsDeltaY_inferieur_a_absdeltax moveq #1,d0 swap d0 move.w AbsDeltaX,d0 add.w #1,d0 move.l d0,B_COUNT move.w AbsDeltaY,d1 swap d1 move.w Prec_l,d1 divu AbsDeltaX,d1 and.l #$FFFF,d1 tst.w DeltaY bpl.s DeltaY_positif_03 neg.l d1 move.l Prec_l_swapped,A1_FPIXEL DeltaY_positif_03: moveq #0,d0 move.w d1,d0 swap d0 move.l d0,A1_FINC move.w SigneDeltaX,d1 move.l d1,A1_INC jmp Go_blit AbsDeltaY_inferieur_a_absdeltax: moveq #1,d0 swap d0 move.w AbsDeltaY,d0 add.w #1,d0 move.l d0,B_COUNT move.w AbsDeltaX,d1 swap.w d1 move.w Prec_l,d1 divu AbsDeltaY,d1 and.l #$FFFF,d1 tst.w DeltaX bpl.s DeltaX_positif_04 neg.l d1 move.l Prec_l,A1_FPIXEL DeltaX_positif_04: moveq #0,d0 move.w d1,d0 move.l d0,A1_FINC move.w SigneDeltaY,d1 swap d1 move.l d1,A1_INC Go_blit: lea B_SRCD,a0 move.l #-1,(a0)+ move.l #-1,(a0)+ move.l Adr_5,A1_BASE move.l #PITCH1|PIXEL16|WID320|XADDINC,A1_FLAGS move.l #UPDA1|UPDA1F|LFU_REPLACE,B_CMD lea B_CMD,a0 Wait_blitter_end_1: move.l (a0),d0 btst #0,d0 beq.s Wait_blitter_end_1 Exit_line: movem.l (a7)+,d0-d7/a0-a6 rts EDIT : I have corrected the code... little fix : added 1 to AdsDeltaX and AdsDeltaY EDIT 2 : hem... hope it works better than previously.
  16. [Français] Si une bonne âme pouvait me donner une routine d'affichage de point, je pense que ce serait plus rapide que de demander au Blitter de le faire, non ? Comme ça les gens n'auraient pas peur de cette routine [English] If a generous mind can tell me how to display a point, it would certainly be faster than asking the blitter to do so. And then people won't be affraid of that line routine.
  17. Birthday Again ? This Time It's To Templeton

    Joyeux Anniversaire !!!! (il s'en passe des choses au mois d'aout !!! )
  18. And Yet Another !

    Happy Birthday Symm !!
  19. Futurs projets et compétences

    I would suggest to put in the ID/profile of each member what he is able to do for game development. So that everyone knows what can do the others and then to ask to join a development team. Is it possible Raz ? It can be done with a multiple choice : Programming 68000 (yes-almost-no) Programming GPU (yes-almost-no) Programming Blitter (yes-almost-no) Drawing (yes-no) What kind of Style (static, dynamic... open choice) Level design (yes-no) gameplay math and physics related sound processing music team manager hardware master... ...
  20. Is Any Bjl-loader Program For Winxp?

    You can find something here. Hope it can help you.
  21. Jagwire, Usb For Bjl

    [Français] Je suggère JagLead, qui signifierait "Laisse de la Jaguar"... comme si on avait besoin de ça pour tenir sa Jaguar [English] I suggest JagLead
  22. La Faq De Jagware

    Tant que tout le monde retrouve ses petits. J'avouerais que le fait que n'importe qui peut modifier la base reveille mon coté paranoïaque... Si Ben Laden venait à faire un attentat sur la base de données ? Peu vraissemblable... m'enfin, si ça évite de disperser ses forces, je trouve que ce n'est pas une mauvaise idée
  23. About A.i.

    Another link : http://ai-junkie.com/ai-junkie.html
  24. Jagwire, Usb For Bjl

    Zerosquare !!! Please !!! Finish the cable so that FrediFredo could have some work ! FrediFredo, did do unpacked your boxes ?