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  1. I had the same idea when I was working on the JagCD, but never had motivation to test this (I threw away too many cd-r before having a correct encrypt method ^^)

    Another idea was to make a boot cd, that could load an unencrypted cd (there is a cd_switch function)

    but I don't know if it recheck the cd when you switch


  2. Reading http://dhs.nu/

    I just saw that a new version of VBCC is available and support output for Jaguar !

    This is great, because this compiler is much more easy to use and less "heavy" than gcc, also the compiled code seems to run a bit faster than gcc.

    I was thinking that this could be a good alternative to GCC on Jaguar, also for the future JagCF DSP, I think we can retarget the C compiler to produce CF DSP asm more easily than Gcc, and then why not directly generate a Jaguar/JagCF executable because the linker already support it.


    Another thing that came to my mind is the Removers library, which is a bit painful to setup on Windows using GCC + Mac/Aln.

    maybe we should try to port the lib using the VBCC environment and that should give an easy to setup C sdk for Jaguar !

    usable on Atari/PC/Amiga because VBCC support all those platform !


  3. (I just realized that I didn't make a news here about this, so here I go)


    This is my Final Release for Jaguar, after 3 years of programming on this platform along with Jagware, I made this nice compilation which regroup all the things I did for the Jaguar console.


    This contains my previous released games with bug fix, also a game beta never seen (Seaplane !), some demos, and the Final version of my 3D game Osmozys with 25 levels, high quality raytraced wide truecolor background, and high quality audio CD musics !


    I consider this being my most advanced homebrew production, I'm really proud to release it to you for free and I hope you will enjoy it !




    Youtube Video Link


    Download the CD Image in Nero Format (230Mbytes) part1 part2 part3 join utility


    Download the DVD Cover

  4. It still writes the same data to the file. It's the pattern: It's C0 D0 AD E0. repeated for a more or less random file size between 30-70k depending on the try.

    you should have a few data at the beginning of the file depending on how much track you have on cd, then the rest of the file is using this pattern for any cd hash table



  5. yes because I patched it to use the BJL cable instead of the serial cable for the hash table upload using Zerosquare's bjl jag to pc upload routine

    now, is there any example code that allow skunk to pc upload via usb cable in the jaguar side ?

    or if you have an option from the skunk pc tool to download portion of memory of the jaguar, it can be easy too

    I don't have a skunkboard so I don't know how it works

  6. I once used project tempest to develop until the day my source code was running perfectly on project tempest and absolutely not on my jaguar. and I had no idea why and was too far in the code to check where was the bug.

    maybe you can try Virtual Jaguar which is far more reliable on jaguar emulation, but still, this is not a good idea, since the jaguar emulators are far from reacting like a real jaguar