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  1. yes, it would be possible.



    but that would require of lots of work and a lots of trashed cd-r :D

    If you know how to make a cinepak cd using the tools already available, maybe you could start by using some command line video tools and batch files to do the automatic conversion.


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  2. Hello,


    After testing different compression tool for 68k, I finally found one (thanks ggn !) which compress really good (better than ICE, UPX & ZIP !) and is fast enough (at least not slower than PackIce for example)

    It's ARJ in mode 7, the problem was that it involved a tool working only on TOS, and thus using an Atari emulator in the compression process.

    But I re-made this tool for PC/Windows (source included) and also a ready to use package for compressing files :)


    Here it is:



    Just use the command: packarj yourfile.dat

    and you will get a yourfile.arj packed file. (which is not an arj archive but the raw compressed data !)


    Now use the "arjm7.s" 68k routine to unpack

    a0 = destination, a1 = source, bsr unarj

    d0 is no more needed because I include the original file size inside the packed data ! and added a line at the beginning of the unpack routine.

    Warning: It use around 12k of stack.


    If you want a faster depack, but less packed file (and no stack usage), simply replace the -m7 parameter (in the packarj.bat file) by -m4

    and use the mode4 depack routine (ggn can you post this here ? thanks !)

  3. Just for the record, here is what I use for the video init function

    I took the formula from Cybermorph's sources and triggered them a bit.

    It compute the value from a screen width/height ! (don't know if it still works if you modify the values :D)

    But it looks centered on both PAL & NTSC on Virtual Jaguar Emulator and on my on my PAL TV.

    No need to add some funky value to sprite coordinates anymore !


    ScreenWidth        equ    320
    ScreenHeight    equ    240
    V_PAL_HDB        equ    843-((ScreenWidth*4)/2)+4
    V_PAL_HDE        equ    (((ScreenWidth*4)/2)-1)+$400
    V_PAL_VDB        equ    80
    V_PAL_VDE        equ    (V_PAL_VDB+(ScreenHeight*2))
    V_NTSC_HDB        equ 843-((ScreenWidth*4)/2)+4
    V_NTSC_HDE        equ    (((ScreenWidth*4)/2)-1)+$400
    V_NTSC_VDB        equ    32
    V_NTSC_VDE        equ    (V_NTSC_VDB+(ScreenHeight*2))
        movem.l    d0/a0,-(a7)
        lea        VideoPal,a0
        move.w    CONFIG,d0
        andi.w    #VIDTYPE,d0; 0 = PAL, 1 = NTSC
        beq.s    .putVideo
        lea        VideoNtsc,a0
        move.w    (a0)+,d0
        move.w    d0,HDB1
        move.w    d0,HDB2
        move.w    (a0)+,HDE
        move.w    (a0)+,d0
        move.w    d0,VDB
        move.w    d0,a_vdb
        move.w    (a0)+,d0
        move.w    d0,VDE
        move.w    d0,a_vde
        move.l    #0,BORD1
        move.w    #0,BG
        movem.l    (a7)+,d0/a0
    VideoPal:    dc.w    V_PAL_HDB,V_PAL_HDE,V_PAL_VDB,V_PAL_VDE
    VideoNtsc:    dc.w    V_NTSC_HDB,V_NTSC_HDE,V_NTSC_VDB,V_NTSC_VDE
    a_vdb:    ds.w    1
    a_vde:    ds.w    1


  4. I remember that positioning sprites on the Jaguar screen seemed a bit awkward.

    Looking at my old code I had "X/YRELATIVE" variables that I added to each sprite coordinates.

    X/YRELATIVE was the 0,0 of my screen, but is there any logic about those values ?

    From the test I did yesterday, it seems that the values are not the same when in RGB16 or RGB24 !

    And not the same again on emulators...


    Are those values in any way related to the video init code ? (which seems to be the same for everyone ?)


    I saw that HMSRaptor looks good and screen centered on both TV and emulators, I'm curious about how you guys achieved that ? :D



    Also I found in the video init code that the VDE value was computed, but not used ?!

    move.w d6,a_vde

    move.w a_vdb,VDB

    move.w #$FFFF,VDE


    Can I use this instead ?

    move.w a_vde,VDE


    I don't remember how I started jag dev, but I think I will dig a bit in the original Jaguar SDK sources because there might be some interesting stuff. (correct init, blitter example, etc...)



    I thought I had a bug yesterday in my program, but it was my new version of lo_inp that wasn't working, it seems not to transfer the whole program and datas are missing at the end !

    I don't know why, maybe if someone find where I did a mistake, the code I added is at the end of the file in the function relocate.


  6. oh well ... nevermind ... Nice job Zerosquare :)


    By the way, I just tested my new version of lo_inp, it worked with some .abs file I tried !

    I hope I didn't do any mistake in the code ^^

    I just UPXed the executable because my antivirus program was detecting a virus in the original exe file ... (heuristic detection sux :/)


  7. I was wondering, if a website with all the resources for jag dev exist ?

    Some years ago I was a bit confused, and didn't know where to start or where to find all the docs and dev tools

    There should be a page with all the link to lo_inp for BJL transfer, sln and smac for deving on modern OSs, link to tutorials and jagv8 doc etc...

    That would be nice for newcomers


  8. I tried it under Windows 7 64bits and it didn't worked at first.

    I had to update the inpout32.dll file with a more updated one.

    Just download this package http://www.highrez.co.uk/scripts/download....=InpOutBinaries

    Start the "InstallDriver.exe" file in the Win32 folder.

    Replace the dll file from lo_inp by the one in the Win32 folder of the package (it's compatible 32/64bits)


    I recently found out that virtualjaguar only support .abs file with header, and not .bin file with no header.

    But lo_inp doesn't support .abs file (it doesn't find any header)

    So I was wondering if the .abs file support can be added ? Has anyone some abs header information ?


  9. I Just tested it on my JagCD.


    Very nicely done as always B)


    The game concept is not really my cup of tea, but I just love the colorful graphics and the game mood which like all your other productions, is very atari-ish mood.

    One thing, I just can't keep my eyes looking at the very nice multi parallax scrolling because I loose concentration and gameover :(

    You should have made a rolling demo screen ;)