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  1. Jaguar Image Converter

    tsss, t'aurais pu faire ça en delphi au moins
  2. Jaguar Image Converter

    argh dit moi pas que ta coder ça en VB naaaaaaaaaaaaaan xD
  3. Always Anniv !

    Nanniv MK !! (avec beaucoup de retard mais je pouvais pas faire autrement désolé ^^)
  4. Anniversaire !

    joyeux anniversaire iceman !! =)
  5. Retro Gaming Connexion, Photos And Some Infos :

    another thing forgotten, the little demo I presented at the RGC http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=27004
  6. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    Happy Birthday Zerosquare !!!! may the disk drive sound be with you %)
  7. Retro Gaming Connexion

    I'll be there too ! ^^
  8. Blitter Again

    I actually have some strange problem with the blitter, in my triangle filler routine. the point is, when I'm blitting too much triangle, some lines are not displayed :/ then the whole triangle, making hole in my 3D object :/ the firsts triangles are always correctly displayed and then the other are not, I and think this is in direct relation with the number of triangle, because If I display less triangle it works great. and I got a bug like that using the blitter before, while erasing the screen, I still didn't figure out why I cannot erase more than 320x205 pixels at one time using one blitter call :/ even If I specify to erase 320x240, the blitter will stop before. does anyone know why ? and how to correct that ?
  9. Blitter Again

    SCPCD found how to correct the bug, I should have use the A1_STEP register and the UPDA1 command.
  10. Yes Another Another Birthday !!

    Happy birthday Ray
  11. Another Birthday Yes !!

    oh ben ça alors, nanniv coOpy ! ^^
  12. Another Birthday Yes !!

    Happy birthday Fredifredo !!
  13. I had a problem with negative value using some gpu code, and I came to the conclusion that one of my routine didn't work, actually this was the GT Turbo's routine (not surprised ? ^^) we complained about the missing shalq instruction in gpu instruction set, we have sharq, but not shalq, so why ? because we simply don't need it ... let's see, here is the GT Turbo's routine for SHALQ: MACRO SHALQ a,b ; by GT_Turbo shlq \a,\b jr NC,.pasign\~ nop neg \b .pasign\~: ENDM what shalq does ? it will shift the register to left, so let's take 2 numbers: (decimal) 25 -> (binary) 00000000000000000000000000011001 (decimal) -25 -> (binary) 11111111111111111111111111100111 if you shift both of the binary number of 1 to left, you have: 00000000000000000000000000110010 -> 50 11111111111111111111111111001110 -> -50 and this can be achieved using a simple shlq, that's why we don't need shalq but we do need sharq, because if you shift using a simple shrq a zero will be introduced in bit 31 of the number and it will screw up the negative value. so correct me If I'm wrong, but I replaced all the SHALQ of my routine by shlq and the bug was gone !
  14. SCPCD > oops sorry, I didn't looked the end of this topic, so this one is useless I'm sorry ^^ GT Turbo > yes that's me who converted it to macro ^^
  15. Welcome to the non-froggies people !!

    Welcome Tyr
  16. Read Modify Write

    did you find it before I say it ?
  17. Read Modify Write

    ok, since nobody seems to have found the hiddenscreen code, I give it here: at the title screen press the current pad key: 1337C0#3 sorry for the little pretentious code the code use gpu+blitter+still some 68k code, and I'm at 50% of the vbl If I translate the 68k code to gpu I'm sure it could be a lot faster =)
  18. A propos de l'uploader Bjl

    tu ne sais pas programmer en assembleur ? tu a déja programmer dans un autre language ? parceque sinon je te deconseille fortement la jaguar pour apprendre a programmer, tu va te casser les dents.
  19. About The Blitter Speed

    ok, I just done some test using the blitter because I want to do an effect using the blitter and I wanted to know if the blitter is faster taking graphics in GPU Cache or in RAM. the answer is, yes and no. so here is the results: all test done by using blit destination in ram. with a 12x12 sprite using copy only. in Phrase Mode: the blitter is a bit faster when source is in ram !! so a bit slower when source is in gpu cache. in Pixel Mode: the blitter is approximately twice faster when source is in gpu cache, so twice slower when source is in ram I hope these results will help you speeding your blitting code you can see here a little test: http://onori.free.fr/BLIT2.zip first red bar is blitting with source in ram, and second red bar is blitting with source in gpu cache, both in phrase mode, test done and calibrated for 50Hz.
  20. About The Blitter Speed

    I already do that in both 68k and GPU code but thanks for the advice. here is my code for the test: 68k: move.l #screen,A1_BASE move.l #tileset,A2_BASE move.w #1,d0 ; Y swap d0 move.w #-16,d0 ; X move.l d0,A1_STEP move.l d0,A2_STEP move.l #PIXEL16|XADDPHR|WID320|PITCH1,A1_FLAGS move.l #PIXEL16|XADDPHR|WID64|PITCH1,A2_FLAGS move.l #$00100010,d6 ; B_COUNT 16x16 move.l #LFU_REPLACE|SRCEN|UPDA1|UPDA2,d7; B_CMD ! move.w #$F000,BG moveq #16-1,d1 Ylop: moveq #20-1,d0 Xlop: ; Blit Info Position move.w d1,d2 ; Y lsl.w #4,d2 ; *16 swap d2 move.w d0,d2 ; X lsl.w #4,d2 ; *16 move.l d2,A1_PIXEL moveq #32,d2 ; X: tile 1 move.l d2,A2_PIXEL ; Blit !! move.l d6,B_COUNT move.l d7,B_CMD dbra d0,Xlop dbra d1,Ylop GPU: movei #screen,r0 movei #A1_BASE,r1 store r0,(r1) movei #tileset,r0 movei #A2_BASE,r1 store r0,(r1) movei #$0001FFF0,r0; y+1 x-16 movei #A1_STEP,r1 store r0,(r1) movei #A2_STEP,r1 store r0,(r1) movei #PIXEL16|XADDPHR|WID320|PITCH1,r0 movei #A1_FLAGS,r1 store r0,(r1) movei #PIXEL16|XADDPHR|WID64|PITCH1,r0 movei #A2_FLAGS,r1 store r0,(r1) movei #$00100010,r0 ; B_COUNT 16x16 movei #B_COUNT,r1 movei #LFU_REPLACE|SRCEN|UPDA1|UPDA2,r2; B_CMD ! movei #B_CMD,r3 moveq #1,r11 ; WAIT BLITTER MASK movei #A1_PIXEL,r6 movei #A2_PIXEL,r7 movei #32,r8 ; X: tile 1 movei #Ylop,r13 movei #$F000,r4 movei #BG,r5 storew r4,(r5) movei #16,r4 ; Y Ylop: movei #20,r5 ; X Xlop: .waitb: load (r3),r12 ; Wait for the blitter to complete ! and r11,r12 jr EQ,.waitb nop ; Blit Info Position move r4,r9 ; Y shlq #4,r9 ; *16 rorq #16,r9 ; swap move r5,r10 ; X shlq #4,r10 ; *16 or r10,r9 store r9,(r6) store r8,(r7) ; A2_PIXEL, X: tile 1 ; Blit !! store r0,(r1) ; B_COUNT store r2,(r3) ; B_CMD subq #1,r5 jr NE,Xlop nop subq #1,r4 jump NE,(r13) nop
  21. About The Blitter Speed

    another blitter speed test, here is the advice of the week: better call the blitter from GPU than from the 68k ! (and don't forget to stop #$2000 the 68k ) yeah, because the 68k is daaaaamn sloooow !!! I've done a little map blit test using tiles, the code to call the blitter is really really simple. so we can say that it doesn't really count whenever the routine without blitter call is faster in gpu than in 68k. the routine calling the blitter using 68k take 75% of the VBL. the same routine but in GPU code (also calling the blitter the same way) take 45% of the VBL !! do the math (and kill the 68k !!)
  22. The Removers'libraries

    as said on jsII if you are under windows XP, you must use DosBox to run the jaguar assembler/linker. the madmac assembler and aln linker are available here: http://www.atari-jaguar64.de/english/coding.html in the download section. now I think that If you want to code for jaguar you know coding and assembly language, so from that I think you will be smart enough to find how to compile the example given with the lib If you don't know assembly or coding ... then I really don't recommand to start learning using the jaguar system.
  23. Jag Sur Cate Tv, Synchro & Couleurs

    bah moi dans tout les modes ca marchais pas :/
  24. Jag Sur Cate Tv, Synchro & Couleurs

    avec ma freebox j'avais le même probleme, impossible d'avoir une image couleur en svideo. on m'a dit que la xbox n'etait pas adapté svideo et qu'il fallais utiliser une sortie composite (RCA), ça a réglé le probleme.
  25. nice just a little bug of the reset of the zoom when rotating, is it possible to choose the rotating center ?