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  1. 10 000 Posts ! Congratulations !

    IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNDDD !!!!111111!!!!11!!!1 mhh, sorry, couln't resist...
  2. [rmw Bit Usage]

    I once used project tempest to develop until the day my source code was running perfectly on project tempest and absolutely not on my jaguar. and I had no idea why and was too far in the code to check where was the bug. maybe you can try Virtual Jaguar which is far more reliable on jaguar emulation, but still, this is not a good idea, since the jaguar emulators are far from reacting like a real jaguar
  3. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

    Merci bonne idée, je note pour la prochaine fois
  4. Another³ Birthday !!!

    joyeux anniversaire en retard Az
  5. Another Birthday Yes !!

    Joyeux anniv en retard aussi ^^
  6. A Very Little Intro

    bon je fait come back avec cette toute petite intro, pour tester mon gestionnaire de sprite, tout en 68000 pas du tout optimisé et sans restauration de liste etc... donc y'a largement de quoi faire mieux, mais c'etait un premier test un écran "leonard like" avec 100 sprites + le background et un petit mod oldschool (estraik) pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas tester sur jaguar, ça fonctionne sur l'emulateur Project Tempest english I'm coming back with this very little intro to test my first sprite manager, 100% 68000 code absolutly not optimised, without OP list restoration, etc... so I can do a lot better, but that was just my first little test a "leonard like" screen with 100 sprites + the background picture, and a little oldschool mod (estraik) Enjoy ! thanks to GT Turbo for the picture ! because I don't have a jaguar anymore, so that was coded on the Project Tempest emulator ! (The red thing is not present on the intro inside the zip file, this is how much time my routine actually take in VBL)
  7. A Very Little Intro

    damn, you kept this old stuff ^^
  8. Mariaud Is In Da Place !!

  9. Birthday Again ? This Time It's To Templeton

    Joyeux anniversaire !
  10. And Yet Another !

    Happy birthday Symmetry
  11. Jaguar Gpu Debugger

    ok, it has been about 2 months released in private beta now I try a public release here is a little Jaguar GPU Debugger I made to get rid of headaches I had coding on the jaguar gpu ^^ it's far from being complete but it helps debugging the common gpu/dsp code I do, and hopefully will helps you too the source code are fully included and can be compiled with the free "delphi like" compiler: Lazarus so you can add any features you want or correct some bugs Enjoy GPU Debugger v0.8 beta, source included
  12. Jaguar Gpu Debugger

    thanks, I will take a look at ADDC I think you can compile it directly for linux because lazarus is multiplatform maybe you could add a linux version to the distribution
  13. le GPU

    bon, déja un grand merci a GT Turbo pour toute ces explications, et ces bases de code qui m'ont permis de commencer ^^ helas je suis pas aller bien loins, je bloque déja sur le GPU a mon avis c'est pas bien méchant mais je trouve pas le probleme ... en effet, avant de me remettre au 68k je voudrais tester un peu l'assembleur GPU ^^ alors y'a mon code GPU qui ressemble betement a ça: .long .GPU .org $f03000 GpuCode: movei #GpuCode, r29 nop nop jump (r29) .long GpuEnd: .68000 (j'ai pas trouvé d'autre manière d'utiliser Jump, de toute façon ça fait pareil avec jr GpuCode) visiblement sur l'émulateur (project tempest), le gpu fait soit un jump en mémoire, soit avance a toute vitesse pour arriver en 0xE00000 ou quelque chose le fait visiblement tourner en rond pour charger mon code j'utilise ça: [code] jsr GpuInit jsr GpuStart ;**************************** ; Init GPU GpuInit: move.l #0,G_CTRL ;arreter le GPU move.l #0,G_FLAGS ;initialiser les FLAGS du GPU move.l #$00070007,G_END ;GPU en mode BigEndian (mode compatible 68000) move.w #%11010111001100,MEMCON2 ;memoire en mode BigEndian move.l #GpuCode,a0 move.l #$f03000,a1 move.l #GpuEnd,d7 sub.l a0,d7 lsr.l #2,d7 copygpucode: move.l (a0)+,(a1)+ dbra d7,copygpucode rts ;************* GpuStart: move.l #$f03000,G_PC lea G_CTRL,a0 move.l #1,(a0) ;waitgpu: ; move.l (a0),d0 ; btst #0,d0 ; bne.s waitgpu rts ;************** the question is, what is the problem ? :/
  14. Jaguar Gpu Debugger

    added the v0.8 of the debugger, with G_REMAIN and other stuffs
  15. A 68k Pc Disassembler

    it's because CD is masculine. and I have no idea why
  16. A 68k Pc Disassembler

    deadlink, new one: http://www.rainemu.com/romerror/
  17. Encore Un Anniversaire...

    Joyeux Anniversaire SCPCD ! cadeau
  18. Pmdoomata Birthday !

    Joyeux anniversaire pmdata
  19. Ce Coup Ci C'est Pour L'écureuil

    Happy birthday Scrat
  20. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Happy birthday GT !! Joyeux anniv GT !! Zerosquare > énorme xD
  21. Hello there ! I just got a JagCD from someone and the first think I tried to do was trying to encrypt a CD using the BJL version of Matthias Domin Encryption program. But this need a serial cable that you plug in the dsp port and this need a jaglink, and I don't have this hardware. So I tried to save some money and soldering pain, and used the "mini debugger" source of Zerosquare that allowed me to dump the Jaguar memory to a file on my PC. I then patched the program of matthias to disable uart and xmodem transfer, as well as joypad reading that was disturbing BJL transfer, and added the BJL transfer routines from Zerosquare instead of the uart/xmodem routines. and here is the result, a really easy to use "one-double-click-encryption" pack which allow you to encrypt a cd using your jagcd and the BJL only just by double clicking on a batch file that does the job for you. I would like to thanks Zerosquare and Matthias Domin for their great job that allowed me to do this pack. Enjoy ! JagCD.zip ps: This works only with a parallel port at $378, on XP or 98
  22. Jagcd Encryption Using Bjl Cable Only

    I screwed the code a bit so ... ^^ (forgot to mention that this was a quick hack, not serious release) maybe I can send it to you and have a look at it ?
  23. Jagcd Encryption Using Bjl Cable Only

    I don't have linux nor any idea of how to port the zerosquare's routines on linux ^^ it seems that it doesn't work on win98, does any one can test it and tell me if it's working for him ? (on xp or 98 ?) because if the pack only work on my computer, that's a bit useless :/
  24. Stabylo, One Year To Add !!

    Happy birthday Stabylo
  25. Seb I Haven't Forgotten You !!

    Joyeux Anniversaire Seb