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  1. very nice conservation project ! but maybe giving all the version of a file is a bit too much ? (especially when cdi takes that much space) As Jiffi is here to do the job, maybe keep the original file and let the user use jiffi to convert the file in desired format. (I doubt for example that a lots of people will use the jagserver files) Because it begins to get a bit messy in the folder :/
  2. Sinewaves

    as a lazy guy I always used this nice little tool for generating my sine table on demand Sinlab: http://hitmen.c02.at/html/tools_misc.html
  3. Cinepak Jiffi?

    yes, it would be possible. but that would require of lots of work and a lots of trashed cd-r If you know how to make a cinepak cd using the tools already available, maybe you could start by using some command line video tools and batch files to do the automatic conversion.
  4. Burning Eproms

    nice, I was looking a code to deactivate the VBL interrupt routine yesterday, sure this one will help me
  5. BLACKOUT! Released now

    ouch ! 80€ laisse tomber ...
  6. Developing in "C" in windows xp

    I always thought that VBCC was easier to use than gcc and could be great on Jaguar, because I had very hard time trying to compile rmvlib on windows using gcc congrats on using this with vbcc, should be a lot easier now to make games on jaguar using this lib !
  7. What else ?

    Joyeux Anniversaire
  8. SCPCD-day

    Joyeux Anniversaire !
  9. For those who are using SubQMod's SMAC and SLN, you should replace SLN with this patched version by DrTypo, it should avoid you some headache bugs http://perso.numericable.fr/drtypo/jaguar/
  10. I remember that positioning sprites on the Jaguar screen seemed a bit awkward. Looking at my old code I had "X/YRELATIVE" variables that I added to each sprite coordinates. X/YRELATIVE was the 0,0 of my screen, but is there any logic about those values ? From the test I did yesterday, it seems that the values are not the same when in RGB16 or RGB24 ! And not the same again on emulators... Are those values in any way related to the video init code ? (which seems to be the same for everyone ?) I saw that HMSRaptor looks good and screen centered on both TV and emulators, I'm curious about how you guys achieved that ? Also I found in the video init code that the VDE value was computed, but not used ?! move.w d6,a_vde move.w a_vdb,VDB move.w #$FFFF,VDE Can I use this instead ? move.w a_vde,VDE I don't remember how I started jag dev, but I think I will dig a bit in the original Jaguar SDK sources because there might be some interesting stuff. (correct init, blitter example, etc...)
  11. About sprite positioning and video mode

    C'est ce que j'avais dans mon ancienne lib, mais j'avais malgrès tout besoin de rajouter un décalage a mes sprites La plus besoin ^^
  12. About sprite positioning and video mode

    Just for the record, here is what I use for the video init function I took the formula from Cybermorph's sources and triggered them a bit. It compute the value from a screen width/height ! (don't know if it still works if you modify the values ) But it looks centered on both PAL & NTSC on Virtual Jaguar Emulator and on my on my PAL TV. No need to add some funky value to sprite coordinates anymore ! ScreenWidth equ 320 ScreenHeight equ 240 V_PAL_HDB equ 843-((ScreenWidth*4)/2)+4 V_PAL_HDE equ (((ScreenWidth*4)/2)-1)+$400 V_PAL_VDB equ 80 V_PAL_VDE equ (V_PAL_VDB+(ScreenHeight*2)) V_NTSC_HDB equ 843-((ScreenWidth*4)/2)+4 V_NTSC_HDE equ (((ScreenWidth*4)/2)-1)+$400 V_NTSC_VDB equ 32 V_NTSC_VDE equ (V_NTSC_VDB+(ScreenHeight*2)) InitVideo: movem.l d0/a0,-(a7) lea VideoPal,a0 move.w CONFIG,d0 andi.w #VIDTYPE,d0; 0 = PAL, 1 = NTSC beq.s .putVideo lea VideoNtsc,a0 .putVideo: move.w (a0)+,d0 move.w d0,HDB1 move.w d0,HDB2 move.w (a0)+,HDE move.w (a0)+,d0 move.w d0,VDB move.w d0,a_vdb move.w (a0)+,d0 move.w d0,VDE move.w d0,a_vde move.l #0,BORD1 move.w #0,BG movem.l (a7)+,d0/a0 rts .data VideoPal: dc.w V_PAL_HDB,V_PAL_HDE,V_PAL_VDB,V_PAL_VDE VideoNtsc: dc.w V_NTSC_HDB,V_NTSC_HDE,V_NTSC_VDB,V_NTSC_VDE .bss a_vdb: ds.w 1 a_vde: ds.w 1 .text
  13. Updated Bjl Loader Program

    CAREFUL: IT DOESN'T WORK !! I thought I had a bug yesterday in my program, but it was my new version of lo_inp that wasn't working, it seems not to transfer the whole program and datas are missing at the end ! I don't know why, maybe if someone find where I did a mistake, the code I added is at the end of the file in the function relocate.
  14. Updated Bjl Loader Program

    oh well ... nevermind ... Nice job Zerosquare By the way, I just tested my new version of lo_inp, it worked with some .abs file I tried ! I hope I didn't do any mistake in the code ^^ I just UPXed the executable because my antivirus program was detecting a virus in the original exe file ... (heuristic detection sux :/)
  15. Updated Bjl Loader Program

    I was wondering, if a website with all the resources for jag dev exist ? Some years ago I was a bit confused, and didn't know where to start or where to find all the docs and dev tools There should be a page with all the link to lo_inp for BJL transfer, sln and smac for deving on modern OSs, link to tutorials and jagv8 doc etc... That would be nice for newcomers
  16. Updated Bjl Loader Program

    Thank you SCPCD ! I modified the original package to add ABS file support. I didn't tested it already and I don't know if the code is correct, but hopefully http://onorisoft.free.fr/jag/lo_inp.zip (I also updated to the latest version of inpout32.dll)
  17. Updated Bjl Loader Program

    I tried it under Windows 7 64bits and it didn't worked at first. I had to update the inpout32.dll file with a more updated one. Just download this package http://www.highrez.co.uk/scripts/download....=InpOutBinaries Start the "InstallDriver.exe" file in the Win32 folder. Replace the dll file from lo_inp by the one in the Win32 folder of the package (it's compatible 32/64bits) I recently found out that virtualjaguar only support .abs file with header, and not .bin file with no header. But lo_inp doesn't support .abs file (it doesn't find any header) So I was wondering if the .abs file support can be added ? Has anyone some abs header information ?
  18. I recompiled virtual jaguar with some dumping option, like gpu ram & main ram dump, I think there was a debugging mode which worked too showing code disassembly and registers, but only when exiting the emulator.
  19. 2011, year of releases ?

    Bomberman !! Go Go Removers !
  20. RGC 2010 registrations are now open

    what is this ? oO http://zerosquare.free.fr/rgc_2010/DSCF2002.JPG
  21. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    Joyeux Anniv !
  22. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

    Merci Je passe plus beaucoup par ici et je m'en excuse, en ce moment j'ai plus d'ordi ni de net à la maison :/
  23. je pense qu'on pourra vraiment exploiter la jaguar a fond quand la jagcf sortira, ne serais-ce que question mémoire ram, on pourra stoquer énormément de graphs comme ça parceque les pauvres 2mo de ram d'origine font un peu pitier
  24. Superfly DX

    I Just tested it on my JagCD. Very nicely done as always The game concept is not really my cup of tea, but I just love the colorful graphics and the game mood which like all your other productions, is very atari-ish mood. One thing, I just can't keep my eyes looking at the very nice multi parallax scrolling because I loose concentration and gameover You should have made a rolling demo screen