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  1. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    In the vbl int, like this: vbl: bsr mod play routine bsr update op list vblack rte Also, I didn't call the setup interupt routine like you did in the example, as I don't use the complete rmvlib, just the mod player I don't know if I can reproduce it or not, I will try to do it again.
  2. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    ok got it, the SfxBank table had to be aligned on ".dphrase" (and not .long) it's working now
  3. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    I tried reshoot.mod from 505 and it's working but the sfx aren't :/ I tried your code and there is still no change, the best I got is a sample from the module bank playing, but not my actual sfx data do you have u235 dev email ? the one on his website doesn't work.
  4. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    I did, but the email on his website doesn't work :/ Also, I'm trying to get Sfx working but it seems I cannot. All I ear is a strange sound but not my Sfx. My SfxBank table is this: .long SfxBank: dc.l SfxDiam,SfxDiamE,0,0,64,16000 dc.l SfxMenu,SfxMenuE,0,0,64,16000 Before starting DSP I do this: move.l #SfxBank,U235SE_ptr_sample_bank To Play a Sfx I have made this little routine: moveq #1,d0 ; sample moveq #4,d1 ; channel (after mod voices) bsr U235_PlaySfx U235_PlaySfx: ; d0 = sample N, d1 = channel lea U235_Playlist,a0 ; move.l #SfxBank,d2 ; This seems not to work either ; and.b #$f0,d2 ; or.b #$b,d2 ; move.l d2,(a0)+ moveq #2,d2 ; Play lsl.w #8,d0 lsl.w #4,d1 or.w d0,d2 ; Sample N or.w d1,d2 ; Channel move.l d2,(a0)+ move.l #0,(a0) move.l #U235_Playlist,U235SE_sfxplaylist_ptr rts .bss .long U235_Playlist: ds.l 8 any clue to u235 engine users ?
  5. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    I had some strange op list update problem with your replayer SebRmv, my sprites were flickering a bit. also, I didn't know what player to use, paula.o or sound.o ? I tried the U235 engine, it's working fine, but the music is not correctly replayed (tempo problems) seems like the new mod I use is not very u235 friendly :/
  6. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    it seems like I will upgrade to the newest version of your player. minor change to do then
  7. A new jaguar fan is born !

  8. Impulse

    I won a copy of the CD version of this game at Silly Venture 2012 (for my 2nd place of the game compo, which I entered Elansar jaguar demo) The packaging is gorgeous ! I have to repair my jagcd to try this game as quick as possible !
  9. Impulse

    still no "buy" page on the official site, I wonder how much the cartridge version will cost
  10. Old JagCD 3D anaglyph test

    Great test to do, I wonder how it looks using 3D glasses unfortunately I miss a piece in my jagcd to make it work, so I can't test :/
  11. Matmook's day !!

    Joyeux Anniversaire Matmook !
  12. I tried to upload a BJL binary using JiFFi and when it started lo_inp, the system just hang.. I had to ... Reboot You hax0red my system don't you !!!111oneone1!! Maybe it's a 64bits inpout32.dll problem ? You should check here for a 64bitsable version: http://www.highrez.co.uk/scripts/download....=InpOutBinaries
  13. (3) Zero ?!

    Happy birthday 0²
  14. nice ! now JiFFI is the swiss knife of the jaguar hobbyist
  15. Hum........

    Thank you all ! Merci
  16. Another³ Birthday !!!

    Happy Birthday Azrael !! Joyeux Anniversaire Az
  17. Another³ Birthday !!!

    Joyeux Anniversaire le Chat !
  18. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahiezhihfdhfhgf !!

    joyeux anniv !
  19. BJL Packer integration ?
  20. ARJ Compression for 68k

    Hello, After testing different compression tool for 68k, I finally found one (thanks ggn !) which compress really good (better than ICE, UPX & ZIP !) and is fast enough (at least not slower than PackIce for example) It's ARJ in mode 7, the problem was that it involved a tool working only on TOS, and thus using an Atari emulator in the compression process. But I re-made this tool for PC/Windows (source included) and also a ready to use package for compressing files Here it is: http://onorisoft.free.fr/extern/ARJ68k.zip Just use the command: packarj yourfile.dat and you will get a yourfile.arj packed file. (which is not an arj archive but the raw compressed data !) Now use the "arjm7.s" 68k routine to unpack a0 = destination, a1 = source, bsr unarj d0 is no more needed because I include the original file size inside the packed data ! and added a line at the beginning of the unpack routine. Warning: It use around 12k of stack. If you want a faster depack, but less packed file (and no stack usage), simply replace the -m7 parameter (in the packarj.bat file) by -m4 and use the mode4 depack routine (ggn can you post this here ? thanks !)
  21. ARJ Compression for 68k

    no, BPEG is already compressed, you won't get a compression gain when using arj on it. rush > I don't know, I'm setting the stack at the end of ram and it's perfectly working for me (see my bjl packer)
  22. yeahh ! \o/ this version fix all the stuff I wanted to see in JiFFi ! and even more, heuristics detection is an ossom idea ! nice job
  23. BJL Packer

    Here is a little tool for BJL users that are tired of waiting long transfer time ! It will pack your BJL file using ARJ Mode 7 compression (very efficient packer !) and add a little header program that will automatically unpack your program on Jaguar and start it as usual. Simply drag/drop your bjl file on the "bjlpak.bat" file ! (There is a version without the "Depacking..." logo, simply use the "bjlpak - nologo.bat" file instead) Full sources included ARJ Depacking routine by Mr Ni! of the TOS-crew. Thanks to ggn/reboot for making me aware of the arj depack routine and for the original files and tools. Enjoy: http://onorisoft.free.fr/jag/bjlpak.zip
  24. BJL Packer

    New version with data managing tricks, you should be able to pack larger file now ! (superfly works \o/)
  25. I think this could be fine to make everything clean