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  1. [object List Refresh Method] Opinion

    The way we do it in ProjectOne is: Create a "shadow object list" with all objects 32 bytes apart regardless of what they are - this assures an object is always phrase aligned. The links in the shadow are computer for where the live list is. Store the creation address of each object all in a table. During the VBL, use the blitter to copy the shadow to the live. During the game you can then work on the shadow patching x/y/bitmap addresses. If you dont want something, modify a branch to skip it (eg, change the branch before a long string of objects from always to never) or just move its x/y to offscreen (if you have enough objectlist time to do this) If you are doing object culling (Y-sorting) - we do this for the bullets - then you can loop around the shadow list changing just the link addresses. I can mail you the code if you like?
  2. Project 1 Preview Video Has Landed!

    Thanks guys It's come on a huge amount since the last video, we're hoping to put a progress video up shortly.
  3. Next Release :

    Not really. As long as it lives up to our expectations, all is good But as Promethea said, if suggestions are good enough and can be implemented, who knows?
  4. Next Release :

    Just to clear something up. We are planning to release Project One in an "episodic form" (remember Wolfenstein, Doom on the PC?) This means that once we are happy with a level, and have the intro sequence and other generic stuff done, it'll be immediatly playable for everyone. Why? Two reasons. 1) We can get feedback and tweak the levels as they are ready. Some may be too hard, others too easy, or there may be logic bugs or some such. This will allow us to deliver a much better final package to everyone. Your input will be taken into consideration. and 2) To prove we are not talking hot air and vapourware. Developing 4 full levels will take a long time (we're not kidding ourselves here, content is way harder to make than code) and we want you guys to know we're actually moving forward. I can't put a timeframe on a release for level 1 yet, but I'd hope it will be within 2 months or so. We're all doing this in our spare time, just hang in there
  5. New Tools For Jaguar By Subqmod

    Yes, they are great tools. I am currently working exclusivly with DOSBOX and the original MAC/ALN tools. Promethea is using SMAC/SLN. We have been able to identify exactly what and where the differences in binary output are from both toolsets this way very quickly and accuratly. Subqmod has done a fantastic job patching SMAC quickly with each bug report. I am really looking forward to (at the end of Project-1 development) removing DOSBox from my development setup!
  6. Project 1 Preview Video Has Landed!

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone Just thought I'd add a bit more detail about the code. I've tried to make it more "engine-like" than "hard coded" so that it will remain flexible enough for us and/or others to use for other projects. For example, the bullets. To spawn bullets, you pass a "bullet type", x, y and owner to the bullet engine. It then goes and looks up the bullet type from a table containing how many bullets are in that type (pattern), what the bitmap for the bullet is, and the trajectories for each bullet in the pattern, and feeds this into the bullet table. The bullet processing engine just shunts these bullets along, working out if and where they should be in the display window to the map. The enemies are generated much the same way, with a lookup table for each wave, and a lookup table for each enemy type containing things such as its wavepath, animation sequences, firing frame, bullet type, how vulnerable it is, etc etc. The scroll engine simply translates an X/Y (in pixels) into the correct "grid" position and places the tiles at the correct place with the correct bitmap. The screen is made up of 96 32x32 objects for the top layer, and a larger bimap for the underlay. All these modules are running on the GPU. The 68k is acting as a sequencer and reading the jagpad :-) We really hope that the release of source code for this (at the end of the development) will help others either with existing projects, or to start new ones. At the very least, manipulating the data tables, wave patterns and graphics would produce a quite powerful "Shmup Construction Kit" for the Jaguar. Currently, the VideoTest level packs down to 150k. So we're hoping for a 1Mb ROM for all 4 levels. I'd just like to add again that THIS WILL ALL BE FREE. THE FINAL GAME, THE SOURCE CODE AND ALL ASSETS WILL BE RELEASED AND FREELY AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE TO EXAMINE AND USE. Please feel free to ask us questions, here, on atariage or on our own forums regarding this or Jaguar Development in general. Sorry for the capitals and the bold, but people are still saying they'd buy this! :-) Right, I'd better get back to coding!