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  1. Jaguar Image Converter

    Hi, Just tried the converter on the attached BMP, and it converted incorrectly with blue stripes all over the image. Zerosquare converted it correctly for me via his app - just passing the info along space.bmp
  2. Superfly DX

    Thanks There's a slight problem with 3 of the unlock codes on the released version. We'll be fixing those up and hopefully adding a few more features and will be releasing 1.1 to the net shortly (a few days). 1.1 will also be the retail/Collectors Edition.
  3. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    I honestly can't remember, sorry! I use a skunkboard now ;-)
  4. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    I think it came with the SNASM2 assembler/linker - but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  5. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Here you go... Not a full \BIN folder - you can copy your own files into there, but ALN, MAC and NMAKE work :-) DOSBOX_NMAKE.zip
  6. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    Every time I use SLN I find errors in its assembly. Subqmod fixes them really quickly, but I'd rather just use the original tools and know something is crashing because of my code, and not some random assembly error.
  7. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    DOSBOX 0.71 works flawlessly. I'll see if I can ZIP up a working config for you if you'd like?
  8. Getting started using C on the Jaguar

    At the bottom of the dosbox.conf file theres the AUTOEXEC section, where I add: [autoexec] # Lines in this section will be run at startup. mount c d:\dosbox\dosbox-c mount d y:\ -t cdrom path=C:\JAGLAW\BIN SET MACPATH=C:\JAGLAW\INCLUDE c: cd \JAGLAW\TRIS ajag "ajag" is a batch file that does: @echo off nmake /a > errors.txt copy *.cof c:\VJAG\ROMS\TEST.ABS EXIT I keep the source open in notepad++ and set up a hotkey macro (Like ctrl-a) with the following: "D:\DOSBox\dosbox.exe" -conf d:\dosbox\dosbox.conf Note: You can have multiple named .conf files all references with different hotkeys. This way, all the source can be open at once in a fantastic editor (Notepad++) and a single key-combo (in the case CTRL-A) runs DOSBOX, assembles, links and moves the binary to the Virtual Jaguar\ROMS folder for testing. If there are errors, they are redirected to ERRORS.TXT (for which you can put a shortcut on the desktop!). It then closes DOSBox (Which prevents the bug where multiple runs of MADMAC will crash DOSBox!). If you set the cyclecount to somethign stupidly high you can have your source assembled, linked and running in under a second! Hope this helps. CJ.
  9. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    We won't be releasing the ULS source code, only the builder application. ULS Pro will most likely ship with a relocatable binary for 'incbin'ing into your applications which will contain all the functions.
  10. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    Hey, if we can make this without owning a Jag CD I'm sure you can live without as well
  11. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    In that case, All you Jagware folks - get together, decide what you want, and give us the bitmap. And we'll create you a ULS Custom+ installer from that. Deal?
  12. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    Why don't we do them one with the Jagware logo at the top, and all the individual group logos under it?
  13. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    We have just succesfully booted the first few CDs created using ULS. All your CD-Creation woes are now over. More info to follow shortly. Not bad for 2 coders who don't even own Toilets, eh?
  14. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    And now you'll never need it. I've got Jaguar ULS working ;-) Will post more soon!
  15. Question about JagCD

    Hi Just a thought..... From what I understand, the Jag skips an audio track, then loads a binary from session 2, checks a random block from that binary is encrypted, then runs it. I understand it doesnt check beyond the data track, if it did, we'd have to encrypt those, meaning CD-Audio wouldn't work. Meaning making CD's is a royal pain in the arse.... Is this possible: Make an encryted CD that loads an extra unencrypted track (stored as audio data) of a fixed length, (eg, $200000-$4000) so that the TOC is always the same each disc, and then jumps to $4000 to run it? That way, we could have a standard imagefile and we could just insert our data file into it as the audio track. No messing around, no encrypting (more than once).... bish bash bosh... done? Now, I'd be really interested in helping with that, except I don't have a JagCD Someone who does maybe could comment?
  16. Question about JagCD

    Well, that won't work, but I've got another idea ;-)
  17. Question about JagCD

    If you wanted to be really clever, you could split it up into say 200k chunks, so each 2mb image is 10 tracks. checksum each track. Save each track 5 times. On loading, if an error was encountered, go to the next available track for that chunk and try again. This could seriously reduce "bad" disk burns.
  18. Question about JagCD

    The way I'd do this is: Have a PC app thats got the image of the loader internally and asks for an unencrypted binary (of any length, but load/run at $4000). It pads and converts it to audio data then injects that into the image it has, and dumps out a .NRG file. Simple, easy and quick. Maybe even ask for a load/run address, put those infront of the binary file as a header. Have the loader load it at, say $4100 always, then copy a routine down below this, and relocate/run it. That way *any* binary/cof/bjl file could be put on a cd-rom as long as it loaded at $4000 or above. If we do this can we please call it "Jaguar ULS" :-)
  19. Question about JagCD

    I'm up for helping with this any way I can, but I don't have a CD-Rom... Got a Skunkboard here. But before it loads it could put up a bitmap saying "Jagware/Reboot Universal CD Loader" or something, so if others use it we get the credit :-) (And don't give out any source for the loader, just the completed image, and a tool to inject the unencrypted binary)
  20. skunkGUI released for Windows and OS X (x86/ppc)

    Fantastic release! Now even complete n00bz can load all those ROMz
  21. Beebris released

    The original Beebris was released in 1991 on the Atari ST as part of a mini-demo called "Apathetic Games" released by The Law of The Bad Brew Crew. The full source code for this is already available and can be found at the official D-Bug and Automation website. Our 'tribute' version was done in roughly a week to celebrate not only Beebris turning 18 years of age, but also 'Tetris' celebrating it's 25th anniversary! We have enhanced the graphics in the game, and are now using the introduction music during gameplay, as was always intended by the original musician, Floyd. Also, for everyone's additional enjoyment and continuing fun, we have added a web-based high score system, which you can access from the links below this text. And finally, to make things even nicer, we have included the full source code for our version, so you can compare it with the original ST code if you get really bored! At the very least, someone might find this useful. We hope you all enjoy playing this game as much as we have whilst making it. Grab it at our website now! PS. Can one of the admins please change Mr Morden into Cyrano Jones? ;-)
  22. Next Release :

    Thanks for the kind words guys. We worked hard on the game and are very proud of it, and hope all those who actually play it as a game enjoy it. We all need a looooong break now. Recent events have left a sour taste in our mouths, it'll take a while for it all to wash out. Both Project One and Tapper are officially cancelled. The source code release WILL still go ahead. We promised you a free game WITH source code, and we WILL deliver it. Please, be patient with us on this one tho, as said above we need a break. I should be able to get the source code for the pause game "Bad Moodies!" online for everyone shortly though. There's enough in there for anyone to pick up and run with.
  23. Next Release :

    The wait is nearly over. Project One [Level One] *will* be released this week, it's currently in *final testing*
  24. [object List Refresh Method] Opinion

    If it works, it works! :-)