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  1. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    I'm pretty sure it is, I was going to fix it myself but it's in a packed file in the ROM and I lost the will to live while looking at it
  2. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    No barb, or negativity intented. I love my skunk. You *know* that. BTW - Raiden fails (I believe, after a brief bit of debugging) due to the no EEPROM, so there is at least one. Not an issue, I've got 2 carts of it [Edited for spelling]
  3. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    If you'd like me to stop saying how much I love my Skunk for development, I'll be happy to oblige
  4. shump vertical

    Err, no. The DSP is crippled by it's 16-bit access to RAM. DSP<>RAM use saturates the bus killing the bandwitch for the other processors.
  5. shump vertical

    Hi I had to google translate that from French to english, but it would appear you are after a game engine? Check out the specs of our P1 sh'm'up engine here: http://dbug.kicks-ass.net/reboot/web/p1-page/tech.html Our engine is complete, but we will not be using it to finish our game off. If you feel it can be adapted to this then please, by all means, send me a PM if you'd like to talk more ;-)
  6. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Bare minimum Jagtopia requires just over 2k - including the BIOS I'd be more than happy to donate the code to this project if it helps to stop the sale of crazy overpriced CD Bypass carts on ebay and other sites.
  7. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Chat on IRC
  8. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Not something we'd ask for. We use Skunkboard for development, this will be for distribution. As you say, different end goals, different designs
  9. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Most binaries in original carts are compressed, so this won't work for all. I'd have to say, if possible, make two versions. If thats not possible, just make the 2k version. Who wants to flash Checkered Flag anyway?
  10. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Whooohoooo! This is fantastic news! No more CDs!!
  11. Jaguar Image Converter

    Must be a problem with the windows builds then, 1.7 and GUI 2.0 versions still making junk files, but the one you posted above was good.
  12. Jaguar Image Converter

    Try this one... it converts as garbage here (I know my code is correct, converting with zeros prg works) NEBULA.bmp
  13. Had an idea this morning to involve all the jagware teams.... or anyone else that might be interested. How about we create a set a graphics (a few sprites, font, etc) and hand them to the teams and get each team to make a single screen game using them (whatever they want or imagine!) We then take all the screens and bolt it together into a multi level game. Could be fun! We'd obviously need some "rules" like: 1) You must use the graphics provided 2) You can add extra graphics if required but not for the "main game elements" 3) Your binary must fit inside say 1.5mb of RAM and pack to less than 512k We could keep the same music playing for all the screens. What do you think?
  14. Jaguar Image Converter

    You are quite correct, they're 320x200 (my mistake - I changed the format in my app after posting) - however the files are still junked :/
  15. Jaguar Image Converter

    I tried all 4 in my app and they all looked like random data... however your header in the .s says 320x200 the image i uploaded was 340x255.... so that might explain that
  16. Jaguar Image Converter

    Put the jag in 16bit CRY and set VARMOD. Works fine
  17. Jaguar Image Converter

    Seb, I wouldnt worry about the colours being wrong - the output files are full of random pixels and don't wrap at the correct end of line positions. The pixels it does get in the right place are all the correct colour.
  18. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    Whatever you want to do - I'd say try and make your "level" last <3 minutes tho, so it can be completed (or failed) and move onto the next screen. As long as its a binary, and we can pass a few parameters (like level!) to it so we can loop them and make it more and more challenging, I don't care if it's written in PILOT! I'm up for suggestions for how to set this up best for everyone - *if* there's enough interest.
  19. Jaguar Image Converter

    As I said, CRY15 is perfect - CRY16 is producing junk files. Just tried Zeros convertors and they work great THANKS!
  20. Jaguar Image Converter

    As said above, the problems are only in CRY16 mode - other modes produce valid files.
  21. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    Of course not. It'll be our (Jagware) game, we can do what we want! POULPE POWER!!!! C'mon - who's up for this?
  22. A.C. is finished and two new games are started !!

    Reboot are back at work coding as well ;-) It's definatly going to be a good year.
  23. Jaguar Image Converter

    Further information... It's processing the input file correctly - because outputting 15 bit CRY makes a valid file. However it is definatly screwing up the regular 16 bit CRY output - also had it with several other files today. Tried importing them as JPG, GIF, etc - same result in the output. Exported as 15bit - worked ok (but obviously useless for lighting efects) Also, neither your or zerosquare's convertors handle RGB 0,0,0 (black) correctly (for transparecny) - yours outputs $0001, and Zero's output's $something01 (can't remember) - a search and replace with $0000 fixes this but it's a bit of a pain. Further note - *both* your convertors *always* get the first word in the file wrong (pixel 0,0). eg, give it a pure black bitmap, and the entire file will contain a single repeating word, with the first word +1 intensity. Hope this helps.
  24. Using Tilemaps And Scrolling

    Hi, I've just created a small article from old soure code. While is coded entirely in 68000, the code to do this task in ProjectOne is 100% GPU based. However I feel that the 68000 code makes it easier to get the concept of how this works over to people. The GPU code is available on request. This code started out as a possible title screen for Tapperesque. Somehow, somewhere along the lines, it turned into part of a full game engine. Anyway, you can find it hosted at http://reboot.dbug-automation.co.uk/Exampl...ps/tilemap.html. Feel free to use this in your own games. We will make more code available shortly.
  25. Superfly DX

    Hi everyone, Well, its the 'day of Outline 2010' which means we can now take the covers off what we've been doing. Head on over to the Superfly DX Website and start playing. Featuring: 50/60 FPS gameplay (PAL/NTSC) Full screen, 11-layer overlapping parallax scrolling. Pseudo-random terrain generator (Each time you play, while the general trend of the level will be the same, no two levels will be identical) Two terrain modes - blockers and islands 4 channel music, plus one additional channel for sound effects 4 themed worlds to play in 16 levels spread over the 4 worlds 9 collectable items 16 playable characters & vehicles, (8 with 8 alternates for 2nd player) 4 different game play modes (2 of which are unlockable features) Story mode with set challenges Intermissions and Game Complete sequences Simultaneous 2-player action Unlockable features earned via in game achievements Stat Exp load/save without additional hardware Webcode based highscores for competitive play Credits/greetings screen with music jukebox Over 30 minutes of audio The website will get updated with more info early next week following the party, and the store will be open next weekend (the 8th) - unfortunatly the manuals are still with the printer company, so we are unable to start shipping immediatly. However, we promised you the game this weekend and we will keep that promise. Enjoy!