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  1. Software reset?

    If you do it after a VSYNC you should be ok, as (in theory) you have the time from the VBI to the top of the screen being drawn before the OLP will change the register.
  2. 2011, year of releases ?

    HMS Raptor Degz Kobayashi Maru: Final is not a free download
  3. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    Ah, the sample bank pointer changed between 0.17 and 0.19 (I think) - hang on... The samples used to start at 32, now they start at 0 (I think) - not sure if linko updated the docs. Best to PM him on AA.
  4. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    Actually, if you want I can send you the Degz module. If that works, then its the mod your are using, if it doesn't then something else is wrong because we know that module works. Let me know.
  5. Removers's MOD Player vs U-235 Sound Engine

    here's the RAPTOR function to call sample playback RAPTOR_U235playsample: lea playlist,a0 ; The address of the sound effect playlist lea U235SE_sfxplaylist_ptr,a1 move.l #RAPTOR_samplebank|$b,(a0)+ ; Write Set bank to playlist rol.w #4,d1 ; rotate channel to $000000x0 position eor.l #$1f400004,d1 ; $1f40=8000Hz 4=PLAY SAMPLE rol.w #8,d0 or.w d0,d1 ; sample number move.l d1,(a0)+ ; add.l #$00000010,d1 ; move.l d1,(a0)+ ; next channel up moveq #0,d0 move.l d0,(a0) move.l #playlist,(a1) ; once the list is complete, we need to set the playlist pointer to point at it rts
  6. Software reset?

    JMP $802000 Let's be honest here, your cart init code should reset everything and set it all back up again anyway
  7. Sinewaves

    It's probably a good idea to start with sub-pixel accuracy as well. saves things looking crap further down the line when its a pain to change things.
  8. ARJ Compression for 68k

    We've used ARJ compression on some of the ULS ST HD fixes - most notably Gauntlet II - it was the only way to get it onto one disk!
  9. Slam Racer

    Had a chat with Gordon: "If gunstar has the Painter CD, he just needs to enter SLAMRACE as a level code" So, there you have it
  10. Slam Racer

    There is always VirtualJaguar. It's come on a long way in the last year or so. So much so, i use it pretty much all the time for development now.
  11. Slam Racer

    It wont be a CDR burn, any version that 'complete' will be a ROM. I'm pretty sure Gordon won't read this thread, though. He's not too interested in the Jaguar any more.
  12. Slam Racer

    I have this build and also I think a later one (and many previous ones too!) however they belong to Gordon so ultimately he would be the one to give you a yes or no for a download. you could contact him via his website. Next time I chat to him I will all him about it.
  13. Soul Star fix?

    The game is fixed 100% other than the two player mode, as sh3 said above, we're waiting on the video being cleaned up. Ultimately it is Neo's call as to if it gets released or not - but if/when it does it most certainly won't be an incomplete beta. You'll be getting the full game.
  14. Tapatalk

    Can we get tapatalk support added to this forum? Makes mobile reading much easier!
  15. Tranparency and RMW bit

    Rush, CRY/trans works like this Take any colour in CRY mode, and apply any other in CRY mode, and watch it turn purple. It's pretty simple really. Although using RGB and just setting purple to start with is a lot quicker.
  16. HMS Raptor

    What is HMS RAPTOR? This is a simple game for one player for the Atari Jaguar games console. Where did you get the idea for the game? The game was inspired by the 2600 classic “SeaQuest” – A title chosen by Reboot teammate, Sauron, as a simple game to demonstrate the use of the RAPTOR programming library. What is HMS RAPTOR? What isn’t it? HMS RAPTOR isn’t many things. It isn’t ‘pushing the jaguar’ to any great lengths. It isn’t “the second coming of homebrew”. It isn’t “shovelware for sale” and it most certainly isn’t “The best, most efficient code ever created”. The game is not even a good ‘stress test’ for the RAPTOR engine, the Jaguar is barely breaking a sweat running this software. What this title brings to the table is a simple and fun game, written in easy to read, fully commented source code which clearly documents and illustrates several of the functions and procedures required to use RAPTOR. Two versions of the binary are available for download – the simple ‘concept version’ which was written in a matter of a few hours, and the ‘slightly polished for release’ version that we spent a bit more time and effort on to make a more complete game. How do I play HMS RAPTOR? [CJ's version] Move the DPAD around until you die or pick something up, then take it to the surface. Or not. It's not that complicated [sh3's version] Guide your submarine around the depths of the ocean. Collect the divers, avoid the sharks and avoid the enemy submarines. Use your torpedoes to take down the enemy subs and destroy the sharks. Sharks will chase the divers, so be quick! Shoot a shark while he's being chased and he will turn around and head back towards you. The aim of the game is to collect a full crew of 6 divers and return to the surface. This will advance the level, the game will speed up and more difficult rescues will await you. If you return to the surface with less than a full crew, one diver will exit your sub and allow the air tanks to replenish as long as you remain on the surface – but beware – taking on new air affects your perception and reaction time, when you return to the depths you will find everything appears to move more quickly! Returning to the surface without any crew members sacrifices your sub. So don't do it. Air – all the time you are below the surface, your air tanks are depleting. If the air runs out you are forced to make an emergency ascent. This will require the use of a crewman and cost you a submarine. Complete as many levels as you can for a high score. Will you package and sell HMS RAPTOR? No. Why did you make HMS RAPTOR, and how long did it take? The game exists to demonstrate the library used to make it. Nothing more, nothing less. Please don’t expect to sit back and be playing the likes of AvP when you start it up - if that is what you are expecting you will be disappointed! All told there is about two months of work on show here, but in actual man hours, probably less than a week. During those two months we have been working, living our lives, eating, sleeping and working on other projects (Including the RAPTOR library itself) Will you be releasing the source code to HMS RAPTOR? The full source code and assets of this RAPTOR game will be released when the RAPTOR Engine itself is made public in the coming months. The source will feature extensively in the documentation, being the primary example for many of the functions. Concept file Hms Raptor CDI Image Have fun
  17. The Removers'library Is Back

    Hi Seb! Great to see you back! The mod sounds amazing, but I get no audio from the sample test at the start...
  18. RAPTOR Engine is unveiled

    Hi Seb, ask Zero to add you to the RAPTOR beta-test forum. The eventual goal will be to release it as open source, but not yet. I'd like to add a few more things to it before that happens, and get more people using it. There is also a whole load of documentation to write We've already had Matmook add a whole new library for animations to it, and hopefully GrooveyBee will make a C wrapper to lower the entry point even more.
  19. Hey, it's great to see someone even bothering with this stuff.
  20. New game released: DOWNFALL!

    The Atari Jaguar developers Reboot of Jagware have today announced the release of DOWNFALL, a freely available game for the Atari Jaguar game console. The game was released at the AC2011 party in France this weekend. Downfall is inspired by the games Spike Goes Down (Vectrex) and Man Goes Down (Atari 2600), both created by Alex Herbert. The object of Downfall is to guide your character through a never-ending chasm on a series of platforms, carefully avoiding rising above or dropping below the viewable area of the screen. Reboot have released the game free for download in ROM, BJL, and CDI format. The source code to the game is also freely available to download from the Downfall website.
  21. Windows 7 and Jag Emu's

    That could explain it - our new game is using 16bit RMW masks, and they dont work.
  22. Windows 7 and Jag Emu's

    Which version are you using? .95 doesnt seem to like things fiddlign with the lumi value.
  23. Windows 7 and Jag Emu's

    Just remember, your code might not be buggy: PT doesnt: ....handle objects clipped at the top of the screen. ....handle any type of RMW CRY masking. ....have even remotely cycle accurate timing (so, go crazy and overload that vblank!) ....show objects on the correct Y line ....and many, many more! But its still pretty good
  24. Help VBI randomness!

    Also remember to keep the OLP pointing to a phrase aligned address. I've had it before where I move chunks of code around and unalign things and wonder WTF went wrong.
  25. New bid for children

    Happy Jagtoping!