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  1. Superfly DX

    Hope you don't mind a little delay, there's a few things we have to get right. Just shows this is the best way to put a game out, to get everyone who cares enough to give it some stick & break it Really though the deadline was tight & we kept adding stuff until there just wasn't any room for anything else in the poor jag's 2mb on memory... Get it on your skunkboard & put up some scores, quick, while they're still easy to beat
  2. Project 1 Preview Video Has Landed!

    Fixed, sorry about that!
  3. ma présentation aussi....

    Hello Gaban, welcome! Sorry this is in English, just want to wish you luck & hope you find a project to work on While you are waiting to find a Jaguar/dev device, check out Project Tempest 0.95 & Virtual Jaguar emulators to take a look at some of the existing homebrew games. sh3-rg/reboot/jagware
  4. Happy Birthday sh3-rg

    Now that's POWA!
  5. Zero 5 killer !!!

    Nice to share the day with a great guy, Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday sh3-rg

    Thanks guys & happy shared birthday to SCPCD!
  7. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    V1.1 of ULS is here Thanks to user feedback, we are pleased to present ULS V1.1 - now supporting Jaguar Server V2 & V3 files - tested with 29 of these & all work. Also minor changes to the front end. Have fun
  8. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Belated Happy Birthday, GT!
  9. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    Could you send a PM with a list of things you have put on CD? Anyone else can do this, it would be interesting to find out, thanks.
  10. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    Yes, but how long until I break it again when editing minor stuff here & there? Yes, I hold my hands up, I broke it & put an old version up when I added the favicon
  11. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    Thanks again for more kind words. If you would be so kind as to report your findings that would be interesting, we could update the site with any info people send in such as this. Be careful though, the JagCD is a bit twitchy with certain types & brands of recordable media. Luckily, the very nice JVC/Taiyo Yuden ones I have here seem to work very well. Even more luckily, the really dirt-cheap unbranded bought-for-pennies ones work almost as good But some old blue ones I had lying around are more problematic.
  12. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    Ah of course, that's what happens when a gfxer posts late-night messages JCP doesn't do anything it hasn't already done before, my bad
  13. Cd Encryption Via Skunkboard

    Hello belboz, GGN was out all day today so I've added it to the Reboot website (click 'Projects'). I don't have the code, just the .abs so I'd suggest you PM GGN for that or wait until I catch him & update the archive on the site. If you plan on porting it to other platforms or attempt to speed it up (you'll see ) let us know how you get on.
  14. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    Hmm, well, because when you make a release it's nice to have your name on & the name of your collective, but people might be confused & think the release is made by 20 people or so Some people read 'jagware' & to them that means one group, rather than a collective of like-minded individuals & groups who come together under the name... that's the way I see it at least
  15. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    Thanks We'll be making a version with a 'Jagware' boot splash that any of the Jagware groups can use. Any suggestions for the warning audio track? I don't mind making multiple Jagware versions, but if it gets to be too many it kind of defeats the point of the app, I'll be swimming in coasters again
  16. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    07 March 2010 Reboot of Jagware proudly presents: A Universal Encrypted Jaguar CD solution: UNIVERSAL LOADING SYSTEM WHAT IS IT? The Jaguar Universal Loading System is designed to remove the hassle & headaches from the process of creating and producing both encrypted single-load CDs and CD Images for the Atari Jaguar. Using our Windows application you will be able to produce bootable, encrypted Jaguar CD images which can then be burned to CD-R with freely-available authoring software. This process takes around 1 minute 30 seconds from loading the application to ejecting a complete, encrypted, burned CD ready to drop in your Jaguar's CD drive. ULS : IN-DETAIL WINDOWS APPLICATION ULS is supplied in the form of a Windows exe. With the tool you can load in a .BJL/.COF/.ABS/.RAW stored on your computer, specify the load/run addresses if required & output a DiscJuggler .CDI image, ready to burn & run on your Jaguar & JagCD. The tool will attempt to automatically detect the addresses required, but you can override these settings and supply your own when necessary. The output CDI image is compatible with version 6 of DiscJuggler - this is freely available in a perfectly usable demo form from the Padus website: "This time-unlimited, fully-functional demo is availabe for you to download, at no cost or commitment". Visit: http://www.padus.com/downloads/demo.php You could try converting the image to your favourite burning software format, but we do not support or endorse that. However, as long as the software supports the Jaguar disc format & modern CDI images, it should be possible. TARGET USERS ULS should be useful to anyone who has a need to make encrypted Jaguar CDs & doesn't wish to waste their time & money, i.e. 2x CD-R each encrypted CD produced and time editing & running batch files in order to produce the disc content. Either way, whether you're a JaguarCD user or a developer, you should find ULS takes some of the trouble out of the process & lets you get back to doing other things instead of wasting it going through the standard process. Developers can use ULS to create bootable, encrypted CD images. These can then be burned for testing/production or used in conjuction with their favourte compatible emulator for quick testing. ULS makes the production of serialised/unique Jaguar CDs a much simpler and far more cost-effective solution for those not producing at a duplication plant (i.e. burning them to recordable media at home, one by one). This effectively makes ULS a control measure that allows the developer to trace their discs once they ship. To do this manually would require a lot of time, an unencrypted coaster produced for each sucessful disc made and that doesn't even take into consideration the possibility of human error with all the steps required to produce individual, unique discs. With ULS you simply create your .COF or .BJL etc & let the application present you with an a perfectly encrypted, bootable JaguarCD image. Jaguar fans can take their collection of BJL games & demos & easily make encrypted, bootable CD images (as long as the developer specifically allows this - please respect the wishes of Jaguar authors & contact them if you are at all unsure). Knock up some boxes or CD inserts & you'll have yourself a nice collection for your shelf, rather than a set of binaries on a computer. HOW DOES IT WORK? We devised & implemented a method for injecting Jaguar executables into a CD image without having it fail the hash check & without the need for a bypass cartridge. We DO NOT circumvent the protection in any way, this is simply a method of creating a valid encrypted CD image without the need for buring 2 CDs & having to build them from scratch. LIMITATIONS & DISCLAIMER You obviously cannot offer the program a .ROM or other cartridge image, that is simply not possible. There may be some larger Jaguar executables that will work with, for example, a BJL setup, but will not work with our process, however, we have not found any. It's always best to try out your image first in an emulator before burning a disc - that costs nothing but a couple of minutes of your time. This is essentially a tool for putting homebrew software onto CD with the minimum of fuss, be it your own files or those from your collection. The produced CD will have the ULS bootsplash & Reboot warning audio track & data tracks. To obtain a version to your specifications, please contact us for details. Reboot cannot guarantee your Jaguar files will work with our system - please take every precaution to ensure your executable will run from our produced image. If in doubt, feel free to contact us first. Reboot accept no responsibility for any ill-consequences resulting from use of the ULS software or produced images. Use it at your own risk. We offer this software as is, freely distributable as long as all files remain intact & contained in the original archive. This archive is not allowed to be published or made available anywhere other than where we, Reboot, allow it (for now, Jagware & AtariAge). If you would like to host the archive yourself or include it in some of your productions, it should not be a problem, we just ask that you please contact us first & we will arrange it. Thank you.
  17. Beebris

    There's a bin/cue on the Reboot site, too for those that can't use the Nero file. Thanks to Matmook & FrediFredo for their efforts in making the CD! kevin
  18. [codename S.p.a.c.e] Development Log Topic

    Just want to say I think this game could be great - very much my kind of thing. thanks!
  19. Reboot Game Preview - Projectone

    I hope this is in the right place, if not sorry We invite you to take a little look at what we have been doing for the last 4 & a bit weeks for Jaguar. Any comments, good or bad (we're tough, we can handle it please visit the reboot forum. thanks for reading! reboot news kZa
  20. Atari 2600 Analog Paddles On The Jaguar

    Hmm, we should make a little game to support this, I will speak with Morden this evening - thanks, Zerosquare. kZa
  21. Do The Same, First Pictures !!

    Oh yes I like that - well done everyone!
  22. Do The Same, First Pictures !!

    It's a very nice game, simple to get into & not so easy to get good at Having quite a bit of fun
  23. Project 1 Preview Video Has Landed!

    No more videos, keep it for the release!
  24. Atomic Reloaded

    Very nice game, much more to it than I first realised, quite tricky and also educational - boom! Excellent pauseplasma, too