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  1. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    There is a hell of a lot of off-topic stuff in that & many other threads on AA and most other forums. That's just the way things are, conversations drift & often get chatty and off-topic or worse - suffer in-jokes or deliberate derail attempts. It's really annoying when the thread is regarding your own prods, I know, I've had it happen to my own. Tursi, I appreciate you taking the time to come back here & post your follow-up. I suppose my posts are the ones you found angry, I'm genuinely sorry for that - my enthusiasm for this stuff often comes out a bit excited and gnarly & as I've stated many times, we wouldn't even be on the Jaguar without the skunkboard & are all well aware of the great contribution both yourself & kskunk have made to the Jaguar community. We pretty much all know the difficulties in making things happen for the Jaguar & have a lot of time for you guys & the effort you made in creating the skunk & skunk II and making the things we do that much simpler to achieve. Reading that you had to endure months of negotiations to make it happen only bolsters my respect for you both, I doubt I would have had the patience tbh. Nobody else has commented on my AA avatar, certainly nobody has complained at AA or it would have been mentioned. I've taken quite a lot more serious beatings from Gorf in PM & on sites where I have no account to defend myself compared to a pun in an avatar. I do have serious concerns about the things he says & the people he uses as his source of information but as a gesture of good faith to you personally I'll remove it asap and do my best to give that kind of stuff the elbow. kevin
  2. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Exactly, they are the perfect partners for any proper developer. The only people who would not benefit from both devices being out there would be those who do not develop & just want to run ROMs. Well who cares about those people? They don't bring anything to the scene, they just take, so not even worth considering. I can't imagine they'd have a hell of a lot of fun fiddling about with a Jagware flash cart for those purposes anyway, as it's hardly going to be convenient compared to a fully-featured USB device like the skunk.
  3. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Sorry? Tursi, where have I said anything agasinst the Skunk in Sauron's skunk III thread or any other? I've only said POSITIVE things! I'm a HUGE fan of the skunk and have been since the day I got my first one. A new skunk run is just what the Jaguar needs to stop the huge profiteering from collectors as proper developers get increasingly desperate to get their hands on the only realistic development tool for the Jaguar. .. I told viMaster to sling his hook after he made that 'Reboot propaganda' post - nothing to do with you or your skunkboard. If you feel the need to tell anyone anything, how about you ask him to think twice before popping up at AA after months of inactivity only to troll about & stir up trouble where is isn't needed? I only posted positive comments in that thread & directed the talk of the skunk board form the Jagware cart thread to it before Mr. Master showed up with his snide comment. So please don't come here pointing your finger at me without any good reason... and I'm not saying this in a bitchy or arrogant way, I'm asking you politely. I don't know what or if you indeed do have anything against me, but if you have a specific concern you can come direct to me & you'll find me approachable and easy going and quite unlike the picture that is painted by a couple of increasingly discredited ex-JS2 moderators. I don't think I've ever spoken a bad word about you or the skunkboard in any forum - I really don't see whay you have come over here to single me out. You are wrong if you think any of us have anything against you or the skunk. In fact, there's probably nobody out there who puts it to as much legal use as we do. If you want some sound advice, consider this: maybe tell goatdan to ease off a little, he's kind of digging himself a hole of sorts. Everyone knows what the skunk does & doesn't do and if we're honest we'll admit that there are probably less than 30 or so of us developers using it for what it was truly intended. If he really wants to continue down that road of setting a shining example & commenting about his IGDA links & ties to the industry, he should seriously consider funding a development tool that will not run any existing commercial software at all full stop... either that or just keep it sensible in there & not get carried away in the flames. Trusi, the Jagware cart is for putting out our games. It's not practical to use it for development - it has nowhere near the usability of the skunkboard as a development device. I can't see any reason why people would not buy the skunkboard, I mean, knowing Jaguar collectors as we do, they'll just have to own one to put on the shelf & look at for a start. Nobody in any of the Jagware groups wants the skunkboard run stopped - that's miles away from what we feel. Nobody thinks that, nobody has said that. SCPCD has only done what kskunk said someone should do last year - to design a car that is really cheap & will let devs put their games out for a lot less than has been the case in the past. The skunk III & the jagware flash cart are both technically aimed at developers - but yours is for design, and Jagware's is for production. There should be no problem & no need for anyone to have said anything 2 months or any other time frame ago. Nobody wants to 'own' communities... that's just weird. Exactly why we didn't ever expect to see another skunkboard as some of the parts have been obsoleted (which was discovered back when the Jagware cart was being designed & parts researched).
  4. shump vertical

    Nah, use French, google translation is good enough for us
  5. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

    yea, happy cakeday!
  6. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Have to say if it's cheap & easy, go for the 2k eeprom
  7. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Well I was really impressed with the Aircars 94 release Gaztee & co made, the packaging there was really good for that authentic Jaguar look. I'm not sure how Reboot are going to go about that side of things just yet, knowing us we'll end up doing something non-standard that annoys as many people as it pleases
  8. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    YES! bravo! Jagware - saviour of the Universe... well, the jaguargamedeverse at least
  9. Happy birthday !!

    ONE UP! Have a Happy Birthday Fredifredo!
  10. Jagtopia : Freeboot

    haha, you HAVE to see it to believe it! Although you can't actually see it... so just believe!
  11. An interview with Reboot

    Thanks, zero
  12. Joypads, teamtaps and other controllers

    wow, thanks for all the infos Tyrant
  13. Joypads, teamtaps and other controllers

    Testing GGN stuff is the most fun I have on Ataris - it's like the crazy old days somehow - love it!
  14. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    If we go for something like this we'd need one or two people to manage things, set some rules & hold everything together (but maybe not too strict as to make everything come out looking & feeling the same). Maybe this person/these people should be the ones who deal with the front end/management as with multi-group demos. Would it be fun to do this as an open project, so we could avoid making very similar things but also anyone else who wants a look & to make a comment or two can do so? If it's just a very small thing for fun to involve everyone it could work quite well, anything more than that & it might get messy. It would be a really good way for everyone to get involved work together... if everyone who considers themselves to be part of the Jagware collective could contribute at least something it would really be special, I'd be proud to be a part of that Let's make this happen
  15. Suggestion for a Jagware Team Project

    This game does have Poulpe-Potential!
  16. Using Tilemaps And Scrolling

    Here it is
  17. Superfly DX

    So, err, Atardi & Xerus won the compo - tell me, who dared bet against that?
  18. Jaguar pad autofire mod

    Heh, I should hold my hands up & say I practically begged zerosquare for a superfly cheating device Can't wait to try this out... it's the only way I could imagine I'd ever be able to match Atardi or Xerus
  19. AC 2010 : 29 et 30 mai 2010

    Vitamins C&G Hope you all have a great time - sounds like being a very productive meeting... can't wait to see what comes of it for our Ataris
  20. Superfly DX

    SUPERFLY 1.1 UPDATE Since we released the Outline party version of the game a couple of weeks ago, a few extra features have been requested and several issues have been reported that needed fixing before we offer the CE version. Version 1.1 has been uploaded to our site, replacing the older release binaries & a new Project Tempest-friendly version has been added. Links at bottom of post. The following things have been altered for version 1.1. CHANGES: Code system was broken. Unlocks become available based on your saved game code. Unlocks can now be switched on/off from the View Unlockables screen. 2 unlocks were replaced due to becoming redundant by switches. Pause is now an unlockable feature Kylie mode is now an unlockable feature. Unlocks automatically selectable from Unlockables screen upon issue. No codes to enter! Savegame code changed to enable auto-unlocks. Memory Track support added - detection indicated by "MT" on Unlockables screen. FIXES: Fixed bug where pressing C in story mode didn't quit. Fixed bug where loaded game generated random characters in totals. Fixed bug where Hunter mode showed story mode pickups instead of stars. Fixed bug where movement unlocks only worked in Versus Mode. (Now only work in 1-player as intended) Fixed bug where total distance and total stars would wrap instead of maxing out (99999999 for distance, 65535 for stars) - this would wipe out unlocks. CORRECTIONS: Corrected typo on "UP THROUGH THE MAGMA". Corrected typo on "BRAIN FUSION" in greetings. Story mode distances are now rounded to thousands, eg 5000 instead of 4999. KNOWN ISSUES: Sample on Title screen does not play correctly in all versions - will be fixed for CE. We'd like to thank you all for your comments and reports. We hope you didn't mind holding out a little bit longer for this version than was originally planned (very last minute bug in the CD version needed a lot of hunting down). So now go play & please report any further issues (there shouldn't be any!), we want to give you all the best gaming experience possible in the CE version. ROM BJL CDI PT-friendly
  21. LowRes issue 3 released

    scpcd/zero interview is really good, reboot 'interview' is looong & boring
  22. Superfly DX

    GGN has been busy & has added a new feature to the SFDX webscores. If you enter your SAVE CODE instead of your WEBCODE, you can now enter your details into TOTAL DISTANCE & TOTAL STARS high score tables. * As a little bonus, we're running a competition that will end on 23rd May 12:00 CET. Keep submitting both your regular WEBCODES and also SAVE GAME CODES & you are in with a chance of winning some goodies We're not saying exactly what the prizes are until the winners are announced. It's mostly just for fun, but serious Jag collectors might want to PRESS THE BUTTON as you never know what kind of one-off goodies there might be up for grabs Have fun & thanks for the kind words everyone, 1.1 is almost ready & should be worth the wait - thanks for all the feedback - we listen & appreciate it all! * Please keep your name the same each time you enter to avoid appearing multiple times
  23. Happy Birthday !!!

    happy birthday OO!
  24. Superfly DX

    Hello hello Can people with BJL Jags please try the BJL version of the game on their machines? Someone reported the game was failing on the menu screen, although zerosquare got it to work OK. If there are different versions of BJL around it'd be good to know that it works on all, to make sure we don't have some weird bug. Thanks!