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  1. Encryption Bypass Cart Still Useful?

    They're only useful for me when testing usually ULS) CD-R burns. CD-R is unreliable with Jaguar CD. While ULS is known good, if something fails to load I need to know if it's the burn or the contents. The hash check seems (to me at least) to be something the CD player struggles with most when using CD-R. I don't know whether something times out with a longer seek with CD-R for whatever reason, I only know what I see and that using the bypass avoids that and let's me see if a burn works with it, then I can try without knowing this. Beyond that they have no use, they were only of use before it became possible to produce hashed discs.
  2. Another.....

    One Up!
  3. I'm a real Atari fan and proud of it !!

    That's how it goes, David. Some people are genuine, have a love of all things Atari, and do their best to be productive for their favourite machines for no more personal gain than the warm fuzzy feeling it gives them inside when they put their talents to use, Others take advantage of these kinds of fellows by monetising, gouging, twisting, manipulating, hoarding and generally being a nuisance. They're the kinds of people who find it difficult to be taken seriously in the real world and have to invent 2nd lives behind the safety barrier of their keyboard and monitor. A real fan can see one type of person from another and, as they're usually their own worst enemy, these creatures bring their virtual worlds crashing around them nine times out of ten, all by themselves. Continue doing what you've always done and let the deviants keep aiming for that self-destruct button. tick... tick... tick...
  4. Silly Venture 2013

    Thanks for the info, Krupkaj, nice one!
  5. Psssst.... Keep it quiet... ...but there's three new, variable-quality binaries to grab from our site... throw them at your skunk or BJL Jaguar or even Virtual Jaguar (Hi Shamus!), just don't waste a perfectly good 2c CD-R on any of them http://reboot.atari.org
  6. eJagFest 2013

    Here's my video from the event:
  7. Silly Venture 2013

    Vladr also sent a rolling demo of his Hero game. Doc says ROM doesn't work on skunk but I tried and it did, only problem was oxygen bar was not visible on NTSC but was present with PAL. Game runs just short of 2x quicker in VJ on my lappy (i7 2.3ghz). If you've seen the Livewire beta, it's got a similar "3d" feel, with textured blocks and depth between front and back walls. If I get time before ejagfest I'll stick up a video. There was also a slideshow, but apparently that either has issues with hardware or VJ, not sure yet as not seen it. Don't know who made it either, but will take a look.
  8. Soul Star fix?

    he's busy with extracurricular activities.
  9. Cartridges mechanical drawings / dimensions

    I couldn't find any settings within TrueView to export/plot with a black background for PDF, so I downloaded some ghetto-arse spyware-riddled tool called "Free DWG to PDF Creator ver 3.4.0" and made these: carts.zip Would have been much safer to just edit the PDF :-)
  10. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    Hi looking good, any date when final price of the flashcards and programmer wil be released ? The programmer is an internal only tool, nobody would want to buy one if they had to pay what it cost for parts and labour :-) As for end user carts to be BJL flashed (or whatever) - that's something people will have to really demand in numbers and convince those guys that there is sufficient demand to make it happen. Support, testing, logistics, finances... it's all a lot of hassle if only a handful of people would use them and a few more just wanted them to stick in a box with everything else. Skunkboard is still the way to go for devving stuff - faster, simpler, rock solid. If people have a game they want to put out, maybe they should talk to SCPCD, Zero, RGC or RGCD.
  11. Cheap cartridges for developers and gamers

    You may have heard about SCPCD's 4-way cart programmer - it's a device intended for devs/publishers to allow them to rapidly produce Jaguar games on flash cartridges (for the moment, this means Jagtopus). I made a video of the programmer in action, check it out here.
  12. Another World (Out of This World)

  13. Revision 2013 - #1 Wild demo

    Someone want to explain how...?
  14. SCPCD-day

    Happy +1 @ AC, SCPCD ;-) POULPE! :poulpe:
  15. A.C. 2013

    Linkovitch, Gaztee, GroovyBee and shthree all arrived safely in Meaux \o/ partycle to follow soon, GGN in Paris v.soon also!
  16. Aliens in my house !!!!

    And remember a little one came all the way over the sea and landed on my fridge! We call him Octavius and he's my son's favourite fridge magnet POULPE POWA! :poulpe: :poulpe: :poulpe:
  17. A.C. 2013

    Is that footage for the new levels of DDXSP?!
  18. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    :poulpe: :poulpe: :poulpe: :poulpe: :poulpe: :poulpe: :poulpe: :poulpe:
  19. rmac/rln: http://reboot.atari.org/new-reboot/rmacrln.html
  20. A.C. 2013

    Thanks, booked!
  21. 2011, year of releases ?

    As Good Deal Games have KM:F now, if you're thinking of picking up any other games they sell maybe it'd be better for you to buy it there instead of from the UK.
  22. Skunkboard news

    Okay, thank you for the reply. Is this the forum to bookmark in case there are any updates? Also, is anyone else selling a Skunkboard at the moment? Thanks again. your best place for that would be AtariAge market place - post a wanted there and bump it from time to time if you don't hear anything
  23. Fading/gradients with Jaguar's palette

    I suggested this but maybe he'll listen if it's coming from someone like you rather than me
  24. Another World (Out of This World)

    But you're comparing something sold in the US to US with things sold from Europe to the US. I think to be more fair, the Songbird titles on 4mb carts are actually $80 to $90 plus shipping, in the US that will be $88 or $98 domestic delivery and $120.00 or $130.00 to European destinations. Another World is $82.something delivered the other way, so it's roughly $40 to $50 cheaper in a more direct comparison. Then again, RGC are a non-profit organisation, they only aim to break even. No, Rush bought boards and eproms for both runs and did all the work himself. My cart copy of BlackOut cost $100.50 delivered US to UK. US devs using US produced carts makes the most sense, I'm sure there's stuff in the works for future releases from US devs. The only people releasing on Jagtopus for now will be the Jagware teams (and I'm not sure if Seb considers Removers as part of Jagware or not, but the relationship is the same). When you consider the 1.5-2 month lead time on the carts themselves, it's easy to see why a few people doing this in their spare time are going to need 4 months or so to make it happen.