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  1. Blitting

    Matthias, Thank you very much for the information. i knew there were a few simple flags i had been missing for the transparent blit. Thanks again for such a prompt response.
  2. Collision

    So i quickly wrote a small bounding box collision setup somewhat here. having trouble getting it to work. am i doing something wrong thats totally obvious?? A second or third pair of eyes is greatly appreciated (forgive the clr commands, just a bit picky on making sure registers are "clean" before use ) collision: clr.w d0 clr.w d1 move.w OBJ1X,d0 add.w OBJ1W,d0 move.w OBJ2X,d1 cmp.w d0,d1 blt .none clr.w d0 clr.w d1 move.w OBJ1X,d0 move.w OBJ2X,d1 add.w OBJ2W,d1 cmp.w d0,d1 bgt .none clr.w d0 clr.w d1 move.w OBJ1Y,d0 add.w OBJ1H,d0 move.w OBJ2Y,d1 cmp.w d0,d1 blt .none clr.w d0 clr.w d1 move.w OBJ1Y,d0 add.w OBJ1H,d0 move.w OBJ2Y,d1 cmp.w d0,d1 blt .none clr.w d0 clr.w d1 move.w OBJ1Y,d0 move.w OBJ2Y,d1 add.w OBJ2H,d1 cmp.w d0,d1 bgt .none move.w #$FFFF,BG rts .none: move.w #$0000,BG rts all defined variables (OBJ1H,OBJ1W,OBJ2H,OBJ2W,OBJ1X,OBJ1Y, ECT ECT are all defined as words.) the x and y locations of objects are directly tied to an objects position in the list and the height/width are defined elsewhere as words. Seems like the bgt/blt commands are not working... or im just overlooking something stupid. Basically it checks if its below or above on x and y axis to determine if its hitting the object and if it is it changes background from black to white I did write this snippet quickly here so forgive any errors but i feel like i'm majorly overlooking the simplest thing here as to why it wont work.
  3. Collision

    Just thought i'd report back here and say that it works Thanks for pointing out what needed to be changed. Very much appreciated.
  4. Collision

    AHhh. extra cpy of routine in there i did that this morning at around 7am with no coffee at work in 5 mins so i was going from memory what i had written at home. THanks for the input and clearing that up. ill have to make some adjustments at home to the code and report back

    Does anyone have any information on which operating systems WDB.exe and rdbjag.exe are compatible with? Ive tried under windows xp only to receive a stack fault error from the program itself when trying to run it. Oddly enough it runs on my other computer with windows7 but it doesnt have a parallel port. Im assuming it works with windows95/98 without issues but id rather hear this from someone before tracking down a copy of that OS. Dosbox doesnt seem to support LPT ports but the program does work under dosbox without a hitch. Any suggestions or personal experiences anyone cares to share?

    Sent Kskunk a pm and turns out there is no patch unfortunately.

    Good to know there is a patch... I thought I was the only one that had this problem at first with the mini usb port falling off, but I guess not.... sent pics to Dan @ goatstore to see what he thinks... Sad part is i've only used the skunk a handfull of times (can count on two hands the amount of times if used it) and its broken already...

    So am i Figured someone else might be able to use the info in the future to help troubleshoot. Now i just have to see if i can get my broken skunk 3 fixed.... mini usb connector literally CAME OFF when removing the mini usb cord. never been anything but carefull with my electronics. Quite dissapointed to say the least...

    I think i figured out how to get reliable transfers with the alpine and newer pc hardware. I setup a 2ghz machine with ubuntu so i could use the linux dev tools and make my own dev environment. Found that i kept getting stub communication errors when trying to transfer to the alpine using (using read, aread, fread). Made sure to have th rdb.rc file with all the .db files it calls in the same folder as wdb and rdbjag. Also set the pprot (parallel port rate of transfer) to 9 instead of the default 4. Also set my parallel port to "EPP" Instead of ECP Mode in the bios. All calls using "fread" Seem to work without a errors and quite quick! FIgured it post here if anyone happens to have the same issue in the future.

    Seems to work ok Got it to read stuff to the alpine but good god that thing is picky... seems like any rom file or binary file i upload it dumps out with an illegal instruction which i KNOW is not the way these binary files are coded. Not sure what is wrong. I do remember the last alpine i had never had issues like this. I also seem to be getting quite a bunch of errors when uploading (ie losing communication with the stub) Any suggestions? Im sure someone else here has an alpine as well. If so please chime in with your thoughts

    Thats what i thought. I did manage to get it to work on my windows 7 laptop which was odd, but i had no lpt port on that machine... I like the idea of the linux route. if i cant get it working shortly, ill start looking into it. Rather run a good copy of linux if it comes down to it.