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  1. Jagcf Final Prototypes

    That is a beautiful layout! The placement is very symmetrical which is a sign of a well thought-out design. And the routing is nice and direct. I guess that's the advantage of FPGAs. - KS P.S. Built-in USB support? Nice!
  2. This One's For Kskunk

    Bwahaha. Very nicely done! It looks like a giant Hostess Cupcake and I bet it tastes like it too. :9 Thanks for all the wishes guys. I'm now 30 years old, so it's time to grow up and stop playing with Ataris. ...yeahright. - KS
  3. Retro Gaming Week End !!

    I wish I had your soldering skills. I have debugged a few short routines by watching the cart bus with my LogicPort, but the cart bus is buffered and missing a lot of interesting signals. You could sell those logic analyzer friendly Jaguars to developers. I know I'd buy one! Nice work. It looks like a lot of fun at RGC! - KS
  4. Retro Gaming Week End !!

    SCPCD wins most tricked-out Jaguar award. What _is_ all that stuff? - KS