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  1. Removers, Another B.... !

    Better too late....... Happy Birthday Stabylo !! GT
  2. This One's For Kskunk

    Better too late than never !! Happy Birthday KsKunk !! GT
  3. F.A.C.T.S

    Name : F.A.C.T.S. Year : 2008 Code : SPCD / Zerosquare File : FACTS_final.BIN A rockin technical demo using GPU/DSP by SCPCD and Zerosquare
  4. Yes another birthday today, this one is for a guy who make a lot for retrogaming world Happy Birthday Death Adder GT
  5. Another day, another birthday !!

    Even if it's not Death Adder birthday, we can take 1 januar for him if we don't do that, that will make one birthday in less to celebrate GT
  6. Name : Orion's Jaguar collection Author / Crew : Orion_ (Paradize) Code : Orion_ Graphics : Orion Music : Joshhunsaker Level : MK, Fadest Year : 2009 Screenshot : Video DVD Cover : CDRom
  7. Always Anniv !

    MK where are you now ? But never forget one thing Happy Birthday is good for you !! GT
  8. The end is near....

    Well, this is the end, yes the end of the year !!! Another year spended on this great Atari machine called Jaguar. Only one wish, be 2010 better than 2009 for this 64 bit console !! Happy new year to all Jaguar fan all over the world !! GT
  9. Happy Xmas !!!

    I just wanted to wish you an Happy Xmas !! Happy Xmas to all Jaguar Fans !! GT
  10. Another Birthday Yes !!

    You know which day are we ? No it's simple it's the birthday of Fredifredo Happy birthday to you !!! GT
  11. Happy Birthday

    Better late than never !! Happy Birthday !! Tursi !! GT
  12. Another Birthday Yes !!

  13. Jagcf Final Prototypes

    Yes a long time without any news about the JagCF, here comes two beautiful photos from the PCB : Just hoping SCPCD et Zerosquare will give you more infos in the next days GT Turbo
  14. Matmook's Birthday

    Happy birthday Matmook !!! GT
  15. Some time ago.....

    A long time ago, during an A.C. party, we meet Eric Chahi (Another World (Out of this world)) author, he allowed us to port this great game on Jaguar. Today SebRmv (Removers) send me a little demo running on Jaguar. YES !!! Another World on Jaguar !! That's only a little demo, but now here comes screenshoots !!! video Enjoy !! GT
  16. I want to do a big thanks to the team, for sending freely a lot of CD of Do The Same This team make a lot for the retro-gaming world, they organised A.C. party, R.G.C. Party, doing boxart for free games, ..... So a big THANKS to the RGC team. Link : www.retro-gc.org Forum link : www.retro-gc.net Facebook account : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=149203349344 and a big thanks to Atardi for doing a donation to the association ( http://un.jeu.denfant.free.fr/test/index.html ), we will reserve surprise GT Turbo
  17. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    YEAH !!! Zero, one of the best research motor ( Private joke ! ) is celebrating his birthday, well : Happy Birthday 0^2 GT
  18. Do The Same !

    Name : Do The Same ! Author / Crew : C.V.S.D. Code : Matmook Additionnal code : GT Turbo Graphics : Bear Music : Scrat Level Design: Fredifredo, Odie_One Music Player: SebRMV CD creation : Fredifredo Cover graphics by Pippin German translation by Atari-Fan CD Packaging: RGC TEAM Skunk Rom creation : SebRMV and tools from Matthias Domins Online HighScore System: based on Orion_'s one Beta-testers : Anneso, Atari-fan, Fredifredo, Doctor Clu, Krupkaj, Nonner242, Odie_One, PMData, Vimaster Screenshot : Everything about this game here
  19. Project One

    Name : Project One Author / Crew : Reboot Code : Cyrano Jones / Ggn Graphics : Sh3-rg Music : 505 Year : 2009 Screenshot : Website Download ROM here : project1.rom
  20. Beebris CD version released !!

    Fredifredo do it !! Thanks for his work, now a CD version of new Reboot game called Beebris is available here GT
  21. Another Birthday, Yes Again !!! :)

    Better late than never !! Happy Birthday Orion_ GT
  22. Beebris

    Name : Beebris Author / Crew : Reboot Original code : Bad Brew Crew (1991) and Reboot (2009) Code : Cyrano Jones / GGN Graphics : sh3-rg music : Floyd Year : 2009 Screenshot : Website Download : Source code : beebris_j64_source.zip Bjl version (Load $4000, run $4000) : beebris.bjl Rom version (Load $800000, run $802000) : beebris.rom Cd version ( Thanks to Fredifredo for it ): beebris_cd.nrg For seeing online highscore table, click here ! For adding highscore, click here !
  23. Osmozys

    Name : Osmozys Author / Crew : Orion_ (Paradize) Programming, Game, Design, 3D Engine, Musics and Graphics by Orion_ Year : 2008 Screenshot : Video Download Osmozys : osmozys.zip Others infos on Orion_ website
  24. Jungle Jag

    Name : Jungle Jag Author / Crew : Orion (Paradize) Code : Orion_ Font by Spaz Game artwork from SpriteLib GPL Created by Ari Feldman Music Samples from ASOBEAT vol.1 http://www.yonao.com/asobeat/mp3_/ Screenshot : Video Download here : jungle_jag.zip All others infos on Orion_ website
  25. Atomic

    Name : Atomic Author / crew : Removers Code : SebRmv Graphics : Mariaud Music : Stabylo Year : 2009 Screenshot : All others info can be found here