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  1. The A.C. surely one of the last Atari party in France is finished. Two new games are in the starting blocks !! Fadest have started a really great 8 players game called Black Hole, i think that will be a MUST HAVE !! So everybody need to contact Fadest for telling him : Please finish it very soon !! and the magic duo Matmook / Gregg have started a really funny and candyful game called Dragibug Attack !! (Zero you've got screenshoot from this two new called,please post it when you can, thanks GT
  2. Today is the Ovalbugman's day, birthday !!! Puts your hands in the air !!! GT
  3. Happy Birthday !!

    YES !!! This time it's for a German friend !!! Very and Happy Birthday StarCat May the Atari god be with u !! GT
  4. A.C. is finished and two new games are started !!

    Very happy to meet a pixel and music Magicman GT
  5. A.C. is finished and two new games are started !!

    C Vitamin is Superior to Dragibus !! (@Fadest) C.V. Rules !! GT
  6. Superfly DX

  7. 4 bitplanes color killer !!

    TEMPLETON !!!! Tu crois que j'allais t'oublié ? Surement pas !! Happy birthday !!! English : Do you think i will forgot you ? Nevermind !! GT
  8. Jaguar pad autofire mod

    YES !! For doing like SCPCD on Zero 5 without killing my fingers !!! GT
  9. AC 2010 : 29 et 30 mai 2010

    Some Jagware members will be there A Superfly DX demo will be presented, and the Laddybugged team (Matmook, Gregg (Queen Meka), Fredifredo) will be there. GT
  10. AC 2010 : 29 et 30 mai 2010

    Here come english advertisement : AC 2010: 29th & 30th may 2010 - saturday 9h00AM to sunday 6h00PM adress: Rue de la Poste 77440 Congis-sur-Thérouanne (France) The AC, the event about Retro computering and Retro Video gaming! On the 29th and 30th May the AC comes back! The demonstration takes place in Congis-sur-Thérouanne (in the near of Paris). Subscriptions are open: do not hesitate place are limited! The concept? At the beginning the Ac was a convention focused on the ATARI, brand,. However since 2 years we enlarge the audience to other brands of the 80’s and 90’s such as AMIGA, AMSTRAD, and all other Alternative computer systems. We are most welcome to participate! During one week-end you will meet internet buddies, have passionate talks, play, trade, or code all of this in the usual cozy atmosphere! The convention has two main ; first a speed coding-party will take place. Different teams will have to code a game. You will receive information about the theme and specifications all long the coming next days until the D-Day. And always more games! Hundred of games will be available, from VCS 2600 to Jaguar, from Commodore-C64 to Amiga 1200, from Amstrad CPC to GX-4000, from MSX to Nuon, lots of game out of our teenage time will remind us to the long night with friend sit before the blue light hitting buttons on controllers… The year 2009 has been marked by the cancellation of the RGC 2009 due to the flu, we shall reveal you, we are not hill and neither are our favorite consoles and computers. This is quite normal as we are completely under drugs and more specifically vitamins C and G and other stuff. But what about our dear computer and video games systems; they won’t be younger? You computer is sad? ... Your console is sick always playing the same games? ... You want to boost them? … Then come to the AC 2010 we will feed your machines with a explosive diet based on Vitamins C et G. - Vitamins C for Coding: a 24 hours coding-party which theme is to code a game. - Vitamins G for Gaming: our beloved machines are also our game partners and they are willing to prove it to you thanks to the lots of games available. Whatever it might be Amiga 500, Amstrad CPC, Atari 800, Atari St, CD 32, Falcon, GX-4000, Jaguar, Lynx, MSX, Nuon, VCS 2600, XE and much more… During one week-end you will offer a true youth cure to your favorite machines. Vitamin G is also good for you! And you will have the opportunity to prove it to the world by participating to a tournament t where only the best will prevail… Are-you the best? How to get those vitamins? Come at the AC 2010 on the 29th and 30th of May 2010. You will be able to view the efficiency of the Vitamins C and G or to demonstrate your gaming gifts. We are looking forward to see you on the May 29th and 30th. Best Regards The Retro-gaming Connexion team PS : The ‘A-C’ re-energizing cure has not been validated by the World Health Organization and does not give you right for refunding by any health care plan. Subscription procedure and information In order to attend the AC 2010 you will have to subscribe through our online form. Further information is available on our homepage (packages, access map, train planning, etc. …). For other information such as group travel, or exposing at the Trade corner please post your question directly on this thread. In order to receive under the best possible conditions, we recommend you to subscribe as soon as possible and to contact for any request you may have (a demonstration, something very rare to expose, ETC…) Register: http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?sl=172&s=130831
  11. Highscore link :

    Jagware games coming with highscore table are current things now, for memory here come links for them : Diamjag : Diamjag Atomic Reloaded : Atomic Reloaded Do The Same : http://dothesame.jagware.org/scores.php?gamemode=HARD Beebris : http://dbug.kicks-ass.net/reboot/web/beebr.../webscores.html Superfly DX : http://dbug.kicks-ass.net/reboot/web/super...highscores.html Some news about Superfly, you can help you highscore to fly, GGN added a new feature if you enter your SAVE CODE instead of your WEBCODE, you can now enter your details into TOTAL DISTANCE & TOTAL STARS high score tables. Now just play and post your highscores !! GT
  12. Highscore link :

    Thanks Seb, i will add them to the first post GT:)
  13. Do The Same on Ebay

    In few days, the Jagware team will put 10 cd of Do The Same on Ebay, all money will be gived for helping hospitalized children. More infos in few days on Jagware. GT Turbo
  14. Zero 5 killer !!!

    He is surely the best killer player on Zero 5 on Jaguar, he is a fuckin great hardware man and today it's his day !! Happy Birthday SCPCD !! GT
  15. Happy Birthday sh3-rg

    YEAH !!! SH3 !!! Happy birthday to a cool friend !!! GT
  16. Happy Birthday Kuk !

    Joyeux anniv !! Souris donc un peu : GT
  17. Pmdoomata Birthday !

    Happy Birthday (Sorry French mode) 'au seul gars qui utilise encore une ligne de commande sur un Falcon en 2010 !!!''' GT
  18. Vous savez quoi ? Vous avez vu ? [french] C'est l'anniversaire de l'écureuil musicien : [english] You know what ? It's the Scrat birthday, so Happy Birthday SCRAT !! [french] En te souhaitant toutes les bonnes notes qui vont bien [english] Be the music be with you ! GT
  19. Ce Coup Ci C'est Pour L'écureuil

    Always late !! Happy Birthday Scrat GT
  20. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    What's this score ? The Reboot team has done a new thing that will do a REVOLUTION in JagCD world, do you want to read more about this thing ? You need to wait few days..... Developpers will be happy !! GT
  21. After a great 'Do The Same' ( http://dothesame.jagware.org/ ), Matmook is back with a new game, he has ported the VCS game Ladybug on Jaguar with some new things. Beautiful graphics / music / website by Osmose ( Queenmeka ) LevelDesign by Fredifredo, All others info on LadyBugged website : Laddybugged GT
  22. Beebris CD

    Beebris package is available, all infos on Reboot website GT
  23. Reboot : 1 JagCD : 0

    I used it for a try, only one word : PERFECT !! Just click and click and it's done !! GT
  24. Removers, Another B.... !

    Removers are back !!! With another birthday !!! Happy birthday Stabylo !!! GT