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  1. French translation service

    After we see that the BlackOut team have some problems to get a french translation for their games, we have thougt a french translation service will be a nice thing. Some Jagware members are froggies, so if you need a french translation just ask here. Hope that will help Jagware 'froggies' Team
  2. Tranparency and RMW bit

    Yes +1 for Zero GT
  3. Tranparency and RMW bit

    Hello, I think Matmook has done transparency in RMV mode in LB (Laddybugged), i think he can help you. About french documentations or examples if you want translations, just ask, some here are french GT
  4. What else ?

    What else ? This is Templeton birthday !!! YEAH !!! P.S. and of course Xerus too !!!
  5. Micro Mart Issue 1192 feature 4-page on 'Dead Consoles' and people who work on them. Reboot and Super Fighter Team were interviewed, look at it : http://reboot.atari.org/micromart/mm.html GT
  6. Stop stealing work !!

    hereA guy is selling dvd and box cover done by Felix on Ebay UK, don't buy it !! It's a lamer the guy who do that and this guy must know that he haven't asked Felix for selling his work !! If you want some artwork for your Jag games go here GT
  7. Dance Dance Xiriuis Dance Party

    And here is the winner !! Of the speed coding contest of the A.C. 2012 . Matmook and Gregg have done a funny musical game, you can download it here : DDXSP Download and move your body !!
  8. R.I.P. Jack

    Jack Tramiel is dead. We needed to post something about this guy who have created all this great machines. Machines we are always using in 2012 !! GT R.I.P.
  9. Too lazy i'am !!

    Because i'm too lazy, i write only one post for celebrating a Happy Birthday to SCPCD and SHTREE !! Happy Poulpy Day !! GT
  10. Dvd cover and box cover

    Felyx has done a thread with some cover for dvd. you can found on a french forum, you can found everything here : http://yaronet.com/posts.php?s=146080 GT
  11. The Removers'library Is Back

    Do you wanna sound on your Jaguar ? Just select one player Now you've got the choices !! One by Linkovitch (U 235) and the other by SebRmv (Removers) Thanks to you 2 !! GT
  12. New game !

    Ex-Atari ST and Falcon coder, Dr. Typo, has released his first game for the Jaguar. The game is a horizontally scrolling space shooter called "Shoot 'em Up" and can be freely downloaded, along with the source code, from his site. The game features 50/60Hz gameplay, large fast sprites, extra lives, a challenging difficulty curve and is great fun! It is also the first game to feature LinkoVitch's new Sound Engine. You can download it here : shootemup.zip The CD Image More on Dr. Typo website GT (Thanks to Sh3 for the text)
  13. New game !

    Here come the new website jaguar related of Dr. Typo. http://perso.numericable.fr/drtypo/jaguar/ GT
  14. Happy new year !

    Happy new year ! 2012 hope à jaguar year!
  15. Just wanted to wish an happy Christmas to all Jag lovers !!! GT
  16. Happy Christmas !! Jag lovers !!

    sh3 very nice christmas poulpy tree :-D i love them especially the first one !
  17. How to add a rotary knob to your Jaguar controller

    Very great thing Zero Two questions, the red wire is soldered on the first or second plot on the left ? And the second one is, where the Rotary is putted it's not difficult to play ? GT
  18. Kobayashi Maru

    Name : Kobayashi Maru Author / Crew : Reboot Code : Cyrano Jones Graphics : SH3 SFX : mSg Year : 2011 The first game using Raptor ( REBOOT'S AUTOMAGIC PROPRIETARY TRACKING OBJECT ROUTINES ) Screenshot : Download all files on Reboot website
  19. Kobayashi Maru

    First Video from the new Reboot product called : Kobayashi Maru (Thanks to Linkovitch for the video) More info on Reboot website : http://reboot.atari.org/km/kobayashi.html
  20. NyanCat : Year : 2011 Code : SCPCD Graphics : Templeton Soundconversion : Xerus Bmp Reader : Reboot Mono version Stereo version Jiffi version Pouet links
  21. Again this f.... cat, even on a Jag... !!

    Spammers on Jagware ? GT
  22. Downfall (Falcon version)

    This is not Jaguar related but Reboot done a Falcon version of Downfall, that's why we needed to post something about it Everything on Reboot website Let the Poulpe dance with us !!!
  23. Zero Day !!

    Yeah !! It's Zero Time !! Happy birthday Zerosquare !! GT
  24. Reactris

    Name : Reactris Author / Crew : Linkovitch Code : Linkovitch Graphics : sh3 Screenshot : Vidéo : Download : reactris.zip
  25. Downfall

    Name : Downfall Author / Crew : Reboot Code : Cyrano Jones Additionnal coding : Sauron Graphics : Neo Additionnal graphics : sh3 Music : mSg Year : 2011 Screenshot : Download all files on Reboot website