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  1. happy new year !

    An happy happy new year ! I can only tell one thing you will see some rockin things for Jaguar this new year ! \0/ GT Turbo
  2. 2 Do The Same to win !!

    It's Christmas time !! They are 2 Do The Same game to win. Please send an email to : dts@jagware.org the 32 and 64 email win each one one game !! The Jagware team
  3. 2 Do The Same to win !!

    The game is over..... Not enough emails, so a random picking has been done. The two winners got an email
  4. A new jaguar fan is born !

    Congratulations to the family !! \o/ GT
  5. 2 Do The Same to win !!

    64 emails limit not reached !! Two days after if the 64 limit is not here, a random picking will be done for chosing the winner. GT
  6. 2 Do The Same to win !!

    At this time, not yet 64 emails !!! So let's email !! GT
  7. Kobayashi Maru: Final

    All details here !!
  8. Happy Xmas !!

    An Happy Xmas to all Jaguar's fans !!! To all your family too GT P.S. : and to all Poulpys all over the sea !! Thanks to SCPCD for his poulpy xmas !!
  9. Matmook's day !!

    Today is : Matmook's day !!! Happy Birthday Matmook GT Turbo
  10. (3) Zero ?!

    YEAH !!!! Today is the day of the 0 !! Zerosquare Happy birthday Zerosquare !!! GT \o/
  11. Duckie Egg

    GroovyBee is back Great work !! GT
  12. Hum........

    This morning i got a little problem, i don't know which colors to choose for screaming : Happy Birthday Orion !!!! GT
  13. After loving Atari machine, there are something really really important in life, celebrating birthday !!!! Happy birthday Fredifredo !!! GT
  14. Skunkboard news

    Very great release GT
  15. Superfly is good for you ?

    If yes perhaps you need a Super One Button Controller : http://www.sufficientlyadvancedrobots.com/...ton-controller/ GT
  16. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    Good idea and nice work (As usual ) GT
  17. BLACKOUT! Released now

    BLACKOUT! Is officially released and ready for purchase! For the moment we only have 23 copies available (out of the planned 25 due to bad chips). If these copies do well, we will do a second release of 25 carts, and then a third larger release for CD. Followed by the free binary release! Key features of the game: • BJL Loader. Yes, that’s right! This game can also be used as a development tool for aspiring coders! • Game Box Printed in non-laminated uncoated cardstock similar to the original box style and designs used for old Jaguar releases. We went against the glossy boxes because lamination peels over time. This release includes original Atari bags, white cardstock inserts, and game instruction card. Each box is numbered. • Game Features 4+stages with over 40 levels total. Power-ups, a timer, pumping music by C-Trix, and some goofy extras. This game is more than just another lights out. Media: NOTE: 50hz PAL Mode is disabled in this release. This is due to originally starting with buggy video code and finding this out much later in development. Reworking to accommodate PAL video mode would be more trouble than its currently worth at the moment, which would delay the release considerably. We apologize in advance for those using only PAL systems, however a 50/60HZ Mod switch will take care of this as the video mode for the game only runs in NTSC 60hz. If booted on a PAL machine it will display an error message informing of the swap necessary. Future developments have already had this issue resolved and should not be a problem. We personally dont believe in releasing a certain number of hard copies and then not making it available to download for those that have missed out and causing people to resell releases for insane prices. Hence the free release later on. We hope this helps curb the issue a little bit... Your continued support of homebrew development releases from ANY group will allow developers to continue releasing hard copies for those that would like them. Check out website for a Paypal purchase link and please limit to 1 copy if possible so everyone may have a chance. If the link doesn’t allow you to purchase anything, that means we ran out of copies. Enjoy!! Stormworksinteractive (Copy from our Atari age board with permission from Rush6432
  18. An Amiga who run nicely !?!

    WHAT !!! Yes, when you have big problems with your machine just one thing, use Jagware like a problem buster !! This post is only a board filler because i have 5 minute to loose !! (This amiga is Frosty (Sector One) one !!) Big kiss to all my friends from Sector One GT
  19. Dance Dance Xirius Dance Party

    Dance dance Xirius dance party : Year : 2012 Coding : Matmook Graphics / Music : Gregg DDXSP Download and move your body !!
  20. Black hole

    Black Hole : a very great idea from Fadest : this game is surely one of the best idea of game i've seen for a Jag games with 8 players games : Code / Idea : Fadest Graphics : Gregg ac2k10.bin
  21. Developing in "C" in windows xp

    Great work Groovybee !! GT
  22. Degz - new game released for Jaguar

    this game won the 4 or 5 ( http://files.dhs.nu/party/sommarhack2012/sh12res.txt ) place at the Sommarhack in demo entry. GT
  23. Reboot new game, new website

    Reboot is back and has rebooted website and a new game is available everything on Reboot website GT
  24. U-235 SoundEngine release

    Music is good for you !! Now you can select between SebRmv player and Linkovitch's one. That's a very good think, two very good free module players. No excuse for don't including music in your games. Except Fadest who got a good excuse (Private joke !) GT