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  1. Getting back into Jag dev

    Welcome back :-)
  2. A Jaguar in a FPGA

    Great work Torlus \o/
  3. .................

    When you go on Jagware board, and go down on the main page, you can see who got his birthday's today and today's : Tyrant happy birthday !! GT :poulpe
  4. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    Added rotary addon by Zerosquare.
  5. A.C. 2013

    Hi everybody! There's a little new from RGC association for everybody could prepare: The AC 2013 will take place on 6 and 7 April 2013 in Congis (77440), near Paris in France. More informations on the convention and the details about the coding competition will arrive later. In the meantime, here's a little clip for you to wait:
  6. A.C. 2013

    A timelapse done by Godzil during this A.C. : GT
  7. Jaguar Image Converter

    Hello, The Removers website run nicely, i have done a download on it and it run : http://removers.free.fr/softs/download.php GT
  8. Revision 2013 - #1 Wild demo

    Zero or Scpcd
  9. Jagware Collection Volume One

    Hello there Atari peeps, James from RGCD here with a quick cut 'n' paste press release. Feel free to ask any questions below. Jagware presents a new Atari Jaguar CD compilation of four puzzle games from four groups; Do The Same from Cerebral Vortex, Diamjag by Orion, Atomic Reloaded from The Removers, and Beebris by Reboot - all four of which support online scoreboards. But that's not all - also included is an exclusive early look at the alpha build of 'Project II', Reboot's ambitious forthcoming horizontal scrolling shmup. Click here to view a preview video of the contents (recorded by SH3-RG) CVSD's Do The Same is a beautifully presented tile-rotation game where your goal is to match a given pattern of blocks in as few moves as possible (and before the time runs out). A highly polished release featuring backgrounds based on hand-crafted clay models and 112 levels to beat, Do The Same was previously available on CD in very limited quantities - now those who missed it in physical form have the chance to grab it again! Next up is Atomic Reloaded, a logic puzzle game inspired by Thalion's Atomic in which you are tasked with creating molecules from their component atoms by moving them around a maze. Described as 'Atomic as it should have been', Atomic Reloaded features 82 original levels guaranteed to challenge even veterans of the original! Diamjag is an early release from the prolific Jaguar coder Orion, in which you must guide a ball-like character around 28 single-screen mazes collecting diamonds - the catch being that when your ball starts rolling you wont stop again until you hit a wall! Reboot, the organisers of this project have contributed Beebris, their updated Jaguar conversion of one of Law's old Atari ST releases based on a 'popular tetronimo game'. With four game modes, each with forty levels of difficulty, Beebris remains one of Reboots more popular additions to the Jaguar homebrew catalogue. Jagware Collection One is a superb compilation of games, but if you want further incentive to pick up a copy you may wish to consider that all profits made through sales of this Jagware release will be going toward funding future Jaguar hardware development by SCPCD, creator of the JagCF and the Jagtopus 4-cart programmer - the format on which future cartridge games will be distributed. The physical release comes cellophane wrapped in a clear DVD box with full colour, double-sided printed inlay on a full face printed, glass-mastered CD, direct from the factory (100% professionally produced in the UK). Instructions for each game are included on the inside of the inlay. It requires no additional hardware to run other than the Jaguar CD console itself. As an added bonus, a vinyl Reboot sticker will be included with every order. Priced at £24 (plus £4 UK/Europe shipping, £5 rest of world) Jagware Collection 1.0 is available to buy from the RGCD shop page today!
  10. A.C. 2013

    J-1 !!! GT
  11. Doom, Quake, etc...

    Do you know the common point between this games ? Happy Birthday Patrice Mandin !!! GT
  12. Aliens in my house !!!!

    At the beginning there was only one little Poulpy (Octopus) : After eating some fish and playing Superfly, Poulpy has grown and his family come too : ................. GT P.S. : Yes i know nothing with the Jaguar, but this thread was opened for that
  13. A.C. 2013

    AC is going to be full of candys ! GT
  14. A.C. 2013

    Dangerous ? Crazy ? Funny ? Poulpy ? GT
  15. A.C. 2013

    YES !!! Yes Poulpy dance !! (@SH3) Is that footage for the new levels of DDXSP?! Make a contest on that ? GT
  16. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Thanks a lot !! Zero i love your cake GT
  17. A.C. 2013

    Formular register is open for the A.C. : http://www.retro-gc.org/inscription/index..../934483/lang/en Additionnal infos (English are in the bottom of the first post) http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?sl=9&s=155013 GT
  18. Another World (Out of This World)

    Coming from the RGC team : Hi all, since December 18, 2012, you trust us for publishing project of Another World on Jaguar. Friday, February 8th, we removed the Paypal button on the web page pre-order as we were at the limit of stock forecasting. Therefore, please make your request by e-mail, you will be placed on a waiting list for this series. Depending on availability of cartridges, you will probably lucky to have a copy. You pay yours when we contact you to June 2013. For a second series cartridge Another World, we do not confirm anything yet. The waiting list will give us an idea of the number of requests. Do not be tempted by copies "sold at exorbitant prices" from the first reception from 2013. Put all your chances with the waiting list and get a reissue if applications are sufficient. We also remind you that we will not make price "big" because i his is a pre-order for reaping the background. We are reachable on our forum and email. Thank you for your understanding and the trust you place in us. GT
  19. Another World (Out of This World)

    http://www.amazon.fr/Cancelled-Atari-Jagua...e/dp/1233077740 GT
  20. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    Added OMF article on port replacement. GT
  21. Please remove it !!

    Today is THE day for a cool friend called : SebRmv !! Happy birthday !!
  22. 2011, year of releases ?

    2010 is closed, 2011 is here, all Jag fans hope to be a year of releases, me too So the only question is what do you want to see released ?
  23. Reboot is for free games, so when you bought one of their great games, where this money go ? http://reboot.atari.org/new-reboot/amounta...ldhardcash.html GT
  24. Another World (Out of This World)

    Hi, Some little infos about this great game : Pre order webpage (With some infos ) http://mleguludec.free.fr/product/AnotherWorld_Jaguar/ Sebrmv email adress (mainly for technical infos about the game ) sebrmv --at-- jagware --dot-- org all others questions can be send here : anotherworld --at-- jagware --dot-- org. GT
  25. Another World (Out of This World)

    Jagtopus, the new technology for cheaper cartridge products