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  1. Downfall +

    Because i love Rebooooooooooooot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything on AA here ! :poulpe: :poulpe:
  2. Jaguar Sector II - closed!

    Thread closed, nothing to do on Jagware.
  3. Jaguar Sector II - closed!

    Zerosquare has opended a special thread for that : http://www.jagware.org/index.php?showtopic=836 We will be happy to add all files that can help people to make great things on Jag. Only one thing, no illegal files / rom.
  4. Are the French just more into Homebrew?

    That's a good question. Personnaly i think no. Jagware at the beginning was only a french community, but after some months, there wasn't enough Jag developers in France, that's why we have translated it into an international board and it's was a very great thing, some international friends are now here, and i'm very happy they are here. If you look at Reboot team, they are all over the world and no french into the team and they create games like i eat candies
  5. I'm a REAL Atari fan, why i wrote that ? At this time some people are doing attack vs Jagware, vs some real others Atari fans. My first meet with an Atari machine was when i was young and going to a friend, he got a 520 STF !!! I was in love at the first look, so one month after i've got a 520 STF and explore the beautiful world of Atari Machine. I was surprised when i see demos from crews like TCB, The Lost Boys, etc... so i wanted to to some great things too. But alone that was difficult, so we mounted some crews, but the first real one was Cerebral Vortex. During years we done some demos, softwares, .... After some years i've meet Pocket from the website : http://www.pockett.net/ he was searching people for creating a Jaguar developement crew. That was the birth of Jagware In parallel, i have participed to a lot of Atari party (Atari Connexion, Retro Gaming Connexion party, Numerica, etc..) where i meet a lot of beautiful Atarians and crews (Paradize (Big kiss Cooper , Dune (Chuck, Zerkman), Sector One (Frost, Dma-SC), C-Rem (Mjj Prod), some others, sorry guys the list is too long, but you're always in my heart Days after days Jagware was growing, Jagware can't be french only, so all Jaguars developers are welcome, only one thing for that is loving this 64 bit beast !! I'm an Atarian and proud of it, i've got Two Falcons (One stock and a CT63 one), a 68020 STF !!! an STE, Two Jags, one Lynx and in few weeks a TT !! What means be an Atarian for me ? Before all it's a state of mind, beeing cool, doing some great things with all Atari machine having fun with other Atarians, having a lot of launghs with them nothing all. Not using work from friends for earning a lot of cash..... That's not an Atari mind..... GT Turbo (David) Stay cool, stay Atari !! A big kiss to all my Atari friends, all over the world !!
  6. I'm a real Atari fan and proud of it !!

    Be an Atarin is a state of mind, i think you' got it
  7. Another.....

    Yet Another world, oups error : Another anniversary !!! Happy birthday Seb !!! GT Seb
  8. Godzil ?

    Happy Birthday Godzil !!!!!!! GT
  9. Double Feature #1

    One CD, two games Matthias give two nice strategy game for the Jaguar : Do you want more ? Go on Double Feature Website
  10. Impulse X

    Impulse X THE break-out for the Jaguar. Port of Duranik's game for the Falcon Features 40 levels Password for every fifth beaten level 2 levels of difficulty Level editor for another 40 levels Saveable highscore lists with webcodes HighColour graphics Digitised sound effects MOD music Adjustable screen position 8bit BJL loader Support for the Jaguar ProController Support for a wide range of rotary controllers: VCS driving controller Modified Jagpads Digital mice (Amiga or ST computer) All other infos on Matthias Domins website
  11. Fujiology Archive is OUT !!!

    Lotek Style (TSCC) give a nice gift for this starting year : The first Fujiology archive, featuring 16000 files for all Atari machines, including the Jaguar so let's download : Fujiology Archive V1.0 GT
  12. Happy New Year !

    Better late than never !!! Happy New Year !!!!!
  13. Silly Venture 2013

    No direct relation to Jaguar, but Silly Venture close doors and release a lot of great Atari things, go to Dhs Silly Venture release GT
  14. Another World (Out of this world)

    Another World (Out of this World) The original game ported on the Jaguar by SebRmv ( Removers ). We've got the rights to port this game, rights given by Eric Chahi (The original author) This product is a physical cartridge release, featuring Jagtopus (A new cheap cardtrige developped by SCPCD and Zerosquare). Released in a 'like official Atari package (Box, manual, ...)' (Thanks to SH3 for the photo) If you want another info, contact SebRmv or the RGC Team who sell this great product.
  15. Happy Christmas !!!!

    Happy Christmas to all Jag Fans all over the world !!!
  16. Another World (Out of This World)

    No more limited edition !!! Some people are yet selling their Another World on the bay, not fair play guy...... Just for info Jagware don't sponsorise this kind of thing, be sure. I have asked Odie One, a second run can be aimed, so all people who aren't on the waiting list and wanted an Another World copy, please contact the RGC team : Contact RGC
  17. Another World (Out of This World)

    Thansk to Eric Chahi : (Translation : for GT Turbo, friendship Eric)
  18. eJagFest 2013

    To bad is was not for sale P.S. Thanks for you pictures
  19. eJagFest 2013

    SH3 : Nice Jagtopus shell
  20. Bubble Bobble on the Jaguar

    Bubbles on my screen !! A game a played a lot on Atari ST, big thanks CJ !!!
  21. Impulse

  22. DSP-based Atari/Amiga mouse support code

    You just need a simple 9pin-to-15pin-adaptor, a description with software can be found on my Jaguar-page: http://www.mdgames.de/jag_eng.htm Kind regards Matthias hi Matthias, I think everybody use your adaptor for connecting mouse on Jaguar Regards,
  23. A propos de l'uploader Bjl

    Ce qui utilise un PC avec leur kit Bjl, aucun problème de transfert ? Quand j'utilises mon Falcon en mode 'turbo', les deux machines se mettent a faire des boucles sans fin si j'entames un transfert, ce qui est un peu con de devoir remettre la machine en mode origine pour faire un transfert, mais je penses qu'il n'y a aucun probleme coté Jag, est ce que quelqu'un peut me mettre le temps qu'il met a transférer la démo de Native sur sa Jag avec son Pc ? C'est pour comparé, sinon c'est l'uploader Atari qui est un peu codé a la barbare et je vais surement mettre les mains dedans pour pouvoir le faire tourner sur des machines un peu plus rapide. GT En train de tout accéléré !!
  24. Instability in big binaries

    One word with short instructions like nop :-) but more with some move featuring adress like : move.l $xxxxxxxx, $xxxxccccc
  25. A french TV channel called 'Nolife' got an emission called 'Very Hard', this one talk about hardware and this time that was on our Jaguar. Like always talking about Jaguar a 64 bit ? That's not very interresting. But in the last minutes, they talk about homebrew, you can see Total Carnage and Another world http://online.nolife-tv.com/emission/#!...at-et-la-souris GT