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  1. Alternative to serial port?

    Hello Matthias Just send an email to admin -at- jagware -dot- org, we will be happy to help GT
  2. my first post

    R-Type pas de soucis ton anglais doit etre meilleur que le mien, alors pas de soucis et un developpeur de plus ca fait toujours plaisir Ici tu trouveras tout ce qu'il te faut, doc, conseils, et plein de compétences :poulpe:
  3. my first post

    Salut et welcome Bon ton inscription a fonctionné (J'ai eu l'email concernant ton petit soucis) GT P.S. : Je sais pas si tu 'parle' anglais, de grande chance, si oui peux tu poster en anglais, nous somme un forum international et par principe on voudrait que tout le monde puisse lire et comprendre tous les postes, merci
  4. Morphonic Lab XIII : Contarium Invitro

    Checkpoint what else ?
  5. Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development

    'better GPU output' in assembler ? GT
  6. Jagware Badges to win !!

    Now, 50 emails. Need to add 14 emails for the last package.
  7. Jagware Badges to win !!

    39 emails !! A second people won !!! I have sent to the 2 winners an email Waiting for the 64 emails !!
  8. Jagware Badges to win !!

    28 emails in the box !!!
  9. Jagware Badges to win !!

    16 emails in the box !! 2 badges have been won !! Waiting others emails for reaching 32 emails ! GT
  10. Jagware Badges to win !!

    At this time 15 emails !! The next one will win 2 badges !!
  11. Jagware Badges to win !!

    You can send up to 3 emails by people !!
  12. Jagware Badges to win !!

    At this time, only 11 emails !!! Continue !!!
  13. Looking for old JSII members

    At the beginning Jagware was born for helping developers on this 'special' machine . You can get technical infos on software and hardware, space for storing files, private forums, etc... All people are welcome for talking about Jaguar, but i just warn people who wants for make 'flammewars' and attacks on others are not welcome, else no problem. Stay cool, stay Atari GT
  14. Software refernce clarification

    Adress are bytes given like on some other Atari hardware. Yes i know, but it's Atari documentation, it's normal GT
  15. A Workaround For The Uart Bug

    It's on my to-do list but who knows someone has done it already GT
  16. One day but 2 guys !! I want to make a big kiss to The Twin, 2 peoples who got all the Atari Story in mind, they have done a lot of great things for Atari Community. Happy Birthday to Templeton and Xerus !!! GT
  17. Tyrant !!!

    Tyrant where are you now ? Because it's YOUR DAY !!!! Happy 'YOUR DAY today ' !!! GT
  18. GPU/DSP compiler(s)?

    Forget me for the C.... Asm is the best forget the rest !!!
  19. Jaguar CD development

    Great work Orion, even if i don't like jagcd GT
  20. Impulse

    Matthias release Impulse X for the Jaggy A Breakout for the Jag, The CD can be ordered either from Nick Harlow (16/32 Systems, Great Britain) or from Matthias (Germany). More infos on Matthias webpage : http://www.mdgames.de/impulsex_eng.html GT
  21. SCPCD-day

    Great Cookie !! Happy Birthday to you and SH3 !!!!
  22. This is the 3D day !!

    I wanted to say an happy birthday to the guy who has made a fuckin great work on 3D on Atari, his name is : Patrice Mandin !! GT
  23. Gt Is The Man Of The Day

    Thanks a lot my friends !!!!
  24. Downfall +

    Do you want to play Downfall but no 'No very reliable Jag CD ' ? So only one solution, play Downfall + !!!!